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Curvy Girl Travels: My Las Vegas Weekend at Mandalay Bay

Last weekend I was sent to Las Vegas for a blog gig. We rented a Ford Mustang and made the 4 hour drive from Los Angeles. The car actually did pretty good on gas. I was really surprised! We hit a few 112 degree spots in the desert…thank God for air conditioning. Oh…btw…tall people will not like sitting in the back seat. Not very roomy.

Anyways…back to Las Vegas. Now normally, I love this city. I mean…what is there not to like? It’s the city of having fun…literally 24 hours a day fun. But, I will say I’m not a fan of LV during the summer. It’s too flippin’ hot! In case you were wondering, 80 degrees is my max temperature. It was anywhere from 103-108 that weekend. Ugh!

I was put up at the Mandalay Bay, my first time ever staying there. I’m such a dork, I didn’t take any photos of my room. It was their Deluxe Room with two queen beds and free Wi-Fi (yay!). This is a pretty spacious room (550 sq ft)  and it was decorated in warm tones. It had two closets, desk with 2 chairs, comfortable bed, and large bathroom with separate tub and shower.

The bathroom had two sinks and a separate toilet area with a door. The toiletries were decent, nothing luxurious. I didn’t get to try out the tub, but the shower had good water pressure and temperature. It wasn’t the biggest shower, but I was comfortable.

We had a view of their pool/beach area. And because this matters to me…lots of outlets to charge stuff and a large full-length mirror (for outfit checks).

Image via
Image via
My view from the room on the 9th floor.
My view from the room on the 9th floor.

Room service was good. I ordered a club sandwich with fries, which were pretty large servings. I think it came out to $20. It took about 40 minutes for my food to arrive and it was still hot. I was starving! Big surprise huh? LOL!

I had just a few complaints like the elevators that took foreeeeever and were always packed, but it was a busy UFC/NCLR convention weekend. I didn’t have any wash cloths in the room when I checked it. My brother was hating the iron that seemed to keep wetting his shirt. And it was a non-smoking room, but I could still smell a little cigarette smoke in the hallway…just a little bit. Oh and my hubby likes an ice cold hotel room, this didn’t get very cold, but it was comfortable.

Because I was there for a blog gig…we pretty much stayed in the area of the Mandalay Bay, Luxor, Excalibur, and New York New York. But, that was OK! I got to hang out with my hubby and little brother and that was enough LV for me. Did I mention it was hot?

Next time I promise to have photos of my room. Check back soon for the next “Curvy Girl Travels!”

Are you a Las Vegas fan?

What’s your favorite Sin City hotel? 

  • Moe aka @biggirlblue

    It is almost like you never stay home. 😉


      LOL yes I know! I’m home now! hahaha

  • Nichole

    I <3 Las Vegas! But I was born and raised there, so I might be a little biased :)
    I don't live there now, but when I visit, my hubs and I like to stay at the Luxor. It's older and not as modern as other places, but it is comfortable and close to all the good stuff!

  • April

    I love Vegas! My favorite places to stay are The Venetian & The Wynn. I’m curious about the Cosmopolitan and would love to stay there soon.