Curvy Girl Travels: Inflight Wi-Fi…Is it worth it?

Where are my internet obsessed ladies? If you can’t tell I’m raising my hand. OK…not so much obsessed, but it’s more like a necessity at this point as a blogger. Come on! I have to keep up to date in this social media world! And with all of my flying lately, I can’t stand to sit on an airplane for a few hours without doing something productive.

image via Delta

That’s where inflight Wi-Fi comes in. Not all airlines offer it at this point, in fact only a handful do.  And the majority of them use Gogo Inflight Internet. Actually, I think Southwest Airlines is the only one who doesn’t use them.

I was on a recent Delta flight across the country and had about five hours to get some work done. I was really excited to find out this flight had Wi-Fi! Yay! But, after paying Gogo $15.95 I dealt with the most frustrating service EVER. I think I got maybe one hour worth of  work done. The internet kept disconnecting and was really slow.  I’ve used them twice before and the internet was OK. Not the best, but hey you’re 30,000 feet in the air and we’re lucky to even have access to the internet right?

That’s where I’ve come to a stalemate on how I feel about inflight Wi-Fi. Yes, it’s cool to be able to blog while I’m flying, but it’s not cool when you pay for a service that isn’t working the way it should be. Also, I don’t like that we don’t have any other companies to choose from.

If you’re wondering, I did complain and asked for a refund. Gogo assumed I was downloading files and streaming music, that’s why it was slow. Actually, I wasn’t doing any of the above, I was just trying to write a blog post, check my emails and Facebook, and do a little tweeting. They also said I should have contacted their customer support. That was another problem. They were offering some kind of fashion promotion at the time and every time I tried to visit their site, the promotion page came up…every…single…time. I couldn’t access any other Gogo pages.

After I told them this, they offered me a 50% credit. But, to be honest…I don’t think I’ll use it again. Why pay when I’m not going to get what I’m paying for? Oh…the blogger sitting next to me had the same problem and she was given a full credit.

UPDATE: I was emailed and will be given a full refund by Gogo.

So…is inflight Wi-Fi worth it? What do you think?


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  • I just got home from a weekend family trip. I was so excited that my flight had wi-fi! I figured I’d watch a few Mad Men episodes on Netflix and I’d be at my destination, but after paying the $15 I could not get Netflix to play anything! So not worth the money.. until the service improves, I will not be paying for it again.


      That sucks! And it proves my point. 

  • Jennifer Sawyer

    I am Internet crazed and I think the prices are crazy.  It it was free and worked correctly ok. But as much as I am paying for the time ticket might as well but free. 


      The prices are crazy! And they seem to be rising!! It definitely should be free…I agree!