5 Questions: Monique Robinson

I love the “5 Question” feature on this blog. I think it’s a really great way to get to know someone a little better without dragging on a long interview. Today, I want to introduce you to an amazing model, Monique Robinson. I first met Monique at Full Figured Fashion Week 2011. She immediately stood out to me and rocked that finale runway show! I had to go over and introduce myself after. She is one of my favorite models and of course I love her name…duh! So, If you don’t know who she is…well get to know her, because I know you’ll be seeing a lot more of her! 

Image courtesy of Monique Robinson

Name: Monique Robinson
Hometown: Pompano Beach, Florida
Current City: Brooklyn, New York
Modeling Agency: Muse Model Management
Web site or Blog address: www.moniquerobinson.com


1. What does being a model mean to you?

WOW, being a model for me means following your dreams. My life was going in a completely different direction when I started modeling. So, for me it means you don’t have to have everything planned out. That there are countless possibilities out there and it’s up to you do decide to reach for them and achieve them and work at making your dreams realities. Modeling for me means being to best person I can because I’m doing something that my heart says is right.

2. What or whom inspires you the most?

My mom and family inspire me the most. I love my mother’s drive. She is always willing to step up and show that she’s human. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life she always has the right words. There’s not one day of my life that I don’t look at who she is as a person and try to apply that to what I am doing no matter what it is because she always gives 110%. And my family is filled with so many different characters; a lot of who I am comes from watching them and striving to be as great as they are.

3. Where are your favorite places to shop?

Hmm, it changes so much. I think I will forever be addicted to asos.com. But, as of right now I love H&M I like how simple their pieces are and they’re everywhere in New York, the closes one to me in Florida was 1 ½ hours away.

4. What is your fashion “weakness?”

My fashion weaknesses are accessories, accessories, and accessories. As soon as I walk into a store that’s the first section I’m going to. And not just jewelry, this includes blazers and scarf’s, it’s funny because I have so many pieces but I wear the same ones over and over.

5. What advice would you give to any new or aspiring models?

My top advice would be to research, research, and research. There’s so much that goes into modeling. They’re so many different types of modeling from print, to editorial, to catalog and you have to know what the difference is. You have to decide if you want to be with an agency or freelance. You have to watch other models and see what they are doing and learn from them. You have to learn what to wear, what to say, and how to pose, and you get all of that form research.

I would also say take as many pictures as possible until you feel comfortable in front of a camera and also in front of a mirror. It can be you taking pictures of yourself to see what your face is doing or getting a friend to take pictures of you to practice posing. The more practicing in front of the camera and a mirror, the easier it is to deliver when it’s time.


Image courtesy of Monique Robinson


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