FINALLY Navabi & Manon Baptiste Faves

If you’re a fan of plus size designer fashion, then you must know about Navabi. They’ve kind of been around the web recently. They created this awesome video which was taped during Berlin Fashion Week. It features the beautiful and confident Mariesther Venegas strutting her stuff around Berlin…in the buff!


image via Navabi

OK…well she’s almost naked…or that’s what they’d like you to believe as the pixelated her lady parts. In fact, she’s walking around in a bra and underwear! Just like most of us…we wander around aimlessly looking for great fashion that fits!

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Navabi sent me this statement:

It was loud in Berlin. It was bold. It was shocking. And it was fascinating. At this years’ Berlin Fashion Week, we have given a clear sign – we have set an example. As an online shop for designer fashion from a size 12 upwards, we do not want to put up with the current situation of the fashion industry. The “nudity” of our model is a symbol for the acute lack of sophisticated and stylish clothing for plus size women. At the same time, it stands for exactly this female self-confidence, to feel comfortable in one’s own skin and to be proud of one’s body.

Watch the video below:

I love this chick! I actually had a chance to hang out with Mariesther a little bit in New York and she’s very cool. And she has guts! You’ve got to love that! I’m very happy to see Navabi create something like this to make a statement in the fashion world!

What do you think of the video?

And speaking of Navabi…

Last year, you may remember a post I wrote titled “Who is Manon Baptiste?” Yeah over 365 days later, I still don’t know who this designer is and why they’ve decided to remain unknown. Maybe it’s a marketing ploy? Who knows?!

Anyhoo…here are some of my recent faves: