This Week’s Fashion Frustration

Fashion Frustration Makes me Feel Pixelated!

Blame it on me not feeling well or the fact that I waited until the last minute, but I am “fashion frustrated” at the moment. I can not seem to find anything to wear for Full Figured Fashion Week. I know I still have about 4 days left to shop, but come on! And with my back hurting the way it has, I can’t leave my house and the hubby hates to shop, so I’ve been stuck searching online.

And don’t even get me started on what I’m going to wear to the “All White Sunset Cruise.” Do you know how hard it is to find something that every other girl isn’t going to be wearing on that boat. LOL! I guess that’s the source of my frustration. Our lack of variety and availability. Last year, I saw so many lovely ladies in the same dress! That’s already happened to me once.

Why do straight sizes have all the fun? They have millions of options. Especially in the white dress department.

Let’s go curvy fashion designers…I need more options and white dresses! LOL! I’m a demanding blogger!

On a serious note…I know I’m just being a whiner and I know I’m so amazingly lucky to be headed to NYC, one of my favorite places on this planet. But, I’m allowed to whine and complain every once in a while. So there!

Are you headed to FFFWeek? Do you have your outfits planned?

  • prettypearbride

    This is so me.  I too, have left the white party the last outfit to find. And too funny, since I’m a wedding blogger, LOL!  But hopefully, I’ll find something. I always do my best work under pressure and in the clutch!


      I know! LOL! Here’s to hoping we get our act together in time! LOL!

  • I honestly find it hard to believe that you do not have something gorgeous sitting in your closet to wear. 


      who me? lol