FFFWeek Indie Designer Showcase: Curvato

Who loves dramatic glamour? I do! I do! That’s what Nicci Gilbert-Daniels gave us with her line…Curvato. As a member of the popular R&B group Brownstone, Nicci experienced low self-esteem “because of my size..Stylist often had to special order or custom make my clothing because buying fashionable clothing off the rack was not an option for me like it was for many of my peers.” Who hasn’t felt this or experienced this in some way?

According to Curvato’s Facebook page…”Curvato is the result of many years of hits and misses in my quest to design clothing that would compliment not cover. My goal is to appeal to women who have discovered that being beautiful, sexy and empowered is only enhanced by clothing and style not created by it.

I love the flow and draping of her designs. They hit at all the right areas. It’s apparent she understands a woman’s curves. I mean…just take a look at the collection below and let me know what you think!

*All photos were taken by me and are my personal property. No use of these images without my written consent.

Disclosure: I was an official member of the 2012 Full Figured Fashion Week’s Fashion Front. I received a gift bag and complimentary access in to all events.

  • Bookliris

    Nice seeing my pic on your post! I loved rocking this on the runway for Curvato! Thanks, Liris Crosse!