Torrid’s Retro State of Mind

Torrid and I have been friends for a while now and I’ve noticed the trends come and go. One thing I’ve always loved about them is how they’ve always embraced the retro style. And all of the pieces above are perfect examples of that. I’m especially loving the dresses! Brands like Stop Staring and Queen of Heartz make chic pieces! Even the swimsuits are getting in on the action. Do you own any of their retro designs? Are you a retro kind of girl? 

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  • I would have to agree I love Torrids Retro collection =]

  • Teresa

    I love the curve-hugging silhouettes, that pink dress is the BOMB!

  • One of the first things that drew me when I visited the Torrid site for the first time was their goth/emo/punk style. This was back in high school. Now that I’m “grown up” (at 23, LOL) I’m glad their style is a little more sophisticated. 🙂