The Shopping Diaries: The Last Minute Shopping Continues…

There once was a time when I would plan ahead. It didn’t matter what it was. I actually despised waiting until the last minute to accomplish something, especially shopping. Today, I’m no longer that girl. I’m now that “I’ll wait until last minute to find what I need” shopper and I don’t like it.

There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed or forced to buy clothing or shoes. I don’t know why I do it to myself. Maybe I think I’ll make quicker decisions? And because I’ve been so indecisive lately when it comes to fashion, this may make sense. I’m such a mess when I shop.

When I was preparing for my trip to Nashville a few weeks ago, I was shopping for something to wear and bought two tops, that I didn’t even end up wearing. In fact, I returned a dress I bought last minute (of course) for another trip and used that credit to get those tops. I’ll probably end up returning them too. Ugh!

I was also on the hunt for cute shoes and didn’t find any. Oh the drama! LOL! OK, so the obvious answer would be…”don’t wait until the last minute to shop.” Duh...I know that. I just don’t know why I can’t get in that state of mind.

Help ladies! Anyone out there know what I’m talking about? How do you deal with it and do you have any advice on how I can work on fixing this?

  • Cidstylefile

    Happens to me too, last minute shopping is NO BUENO!  Lately since my budget is tights I decided not to buy new clothes…ok not to buy new clothes for every event or occasion.  So I have been shopping my closet.  I know I have lots of things that are new with tags, or clothes that haven’t been worn in a long time.  Maybe go through you closet and re-work some items you haven’t worn in a while, get creative in styling.  Or you can just do the other thing I have been doing lately as well, not going out and staying in my pjs (not recommended) LOL GOOD LUCK! Maybe its just a little phase you are going through.  🙂