OOTD: Lounging with Nation LTD #2

I’ve been to a few professional basketball games and with each one, I’m always worried and wondering what I should wear. I want to be comfy, but I don’t want to look “blah!” Ya know? Last week, I was invited to a game and I knew this Nation LTD Long Knit Wrap would be perfect. But, it was a little too casual looking for me. So, I threw this scarf on. You can see how it shimmers, although it looks better in person. I had booties on, but changed into my boots at the last second. I did not want to worry about aching feet that night.

(Oh and excuse the hair and crazy face…I took these at the end of my night. My head was pounding at this point.)

The Nation LTD Long Knit Wrap is amazingly comfy (of course it is). It’s very soft and light-a perfect spring wrap. It could even be a great piece during those summer evenings. I can see myself wearing it a lot and because of the length it’s so versatile. I can throw it on with a dress or even belt it. Lots of options!

How would you wear this wrap?


  • Erika Martha

    you rock that wrap, mujer!