My Stretch Marks Tell a Story

Have you ever heard the saying that the wrinkles or the lines on your face tell a story? Whether around your eyes, on your forehead, or on the corners of your smile they’ll be there as we age. Could it be from smiling? Frowning? Worrying? Celebrating? Will you remember what was happening in your life during those moments?

I look back and view my stretch marks in the same way.

As a pre-teen, I noticed my first stretch mark. It laid on the lower part of my back and I couldn’t stop looking at it.  My mom said it was because I was growing. This made sense, I was a lot taller than a lot of my friends. And it was during this time I felt awkward and a little clumsy. Boys didn’t really look at me. And I’ll always remember who my first crush was.

As  I continued to grow, so did the stretch marks. This time they were around my hip area. As a teenager, this pretty much stopped me from wearing swimsuits. I was very insecure, even though I was a mere 125lbs and 5’6. I don’t even think I knew what the word “confident” meant at this age. I did know I didn’t want to look like I did. I envied the pretty girls with the boyfriends.

In my 20’s, I noticed them in my waist area. I would lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, and gain weight. And would often beat myself up when I gained a few pounds. I was in the military and I was still trying to figure out who I was. I found myself trying very hard to fit their standards. During this time, I met my amazing hubby.

Today, I have stretch marks in areas I didn’t know we could get them. I’m not even going to go “there.” But, I will tell you I know when they first appeared and what was going on in my life at that time. I don’t hate them, in fact I embrace them. They remind me of the roads I’ve traveled. I’m thankful they will never go away. They tell me the story of my life. 

What do your stretch marks tell you?

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  • There was once a guy in high school (who I had a crush on, obviously) who saw my stomach stretch marks one random day of hanging out and you know what he said? “I like them. They look cool, they feel cool. They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful.” I’ll never forget that day. 


      That’s so sweet! 

  • Tracy Gibbons

    My stretch marks tell the story of the 3 beautiful babies I brought into this world! I would not change them, they do not take away anything from me, they only add to my beauty


      Awwwww you’re so blessed! Three babies! I can’t wait until I have one! Thank you for sharing!

  • My stretch marks tell me that first off that I am a Mother and this body carried and birthed 2 children, and secondly that I am an average woman and have what almost every other woman has. My stretch marks represent wonderful and amazing things, and even if I don’t like the looks of them they have meaning and they are nothing to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

    Thank you for this post and making me think of these things. I usually just try to ignore them and not give them much thought. It makes me happy now to think of why they are there.



      I love your outlook Jolene! And you’re so right! We all have them, why be ashamed? Thanks for the comment! 

  • This is a really interesting post. When I was younger, I didn’t really understand stretch marks and my dad explained them to me. I remember one particular one on my belly and showing it to him and asking if I could make it go away. He smiled and talked me through it.
    I lost my dad to Cancer a few years ago. There are lots of sad memories from around that time. Lately, I have experienced MUCH joy remembering small things, things I might have forgotten for a moment because I couldn’t see past some of that sadness. Your post just gave me a wonderful recollection. So thank you. x


      Thank you for sharing that with us Em! I love how it’s the little things that we remember and cherish. I’m glad I could remind you of this one. You’re welcome and thanks for the comment!