JIBRI Spring 2012

Hey my loves…not sure if you’ve seen this yet, but here’s JIBRI’s Spring 2012 Collection. I will admit, I don’t own any of Jasmine’s designs, but my friend Ivory does and she LOVES the line. I’m actually eyeing that first skirt! So gorgeous! Her pieces don’t usually last very long, so if you see something you like…get on it! Check out the line here.

Update: I am now the proud owner of this skirt (below) LOL! 

  • eep I love love love the green top and pink pencil skirt combo!


      Me too!

  • LiteralGemini

    I want the pants, I would finally find a pair that fits my inseam and doesn’t seem like high waters… I also love that skirt. Adorable!!


      My friend loves the pants too. Very popular!

  • I love the orange skirt with wrap belt and the dot blouse with it. 


      Cute right?!?

  • marilynscloset

    I Love these Photos! And especially the white Shirt 😉

    But i can’t seem to buy it.
    Love Dittehttp://marilynscloset.dk/ 


      I love how she changes up the shoots with each collection.


    OMIGOSH This line is amazing! i’m dying over the skirt and blue pants


      Everyone loves those two 🙂

  • Yolibee

    And the fabulous printed skirt is already gone.  So sad, that such a great print.


      I know :(( that’s why I said they go fast! lol Next time!