The Night of 2 Pairs of Spanx

Please Note: I do not look like Ashley Graham in my Spanx.

I can’t believe I’m actually going to write about this, but I felt the need to share and maybe make you laugh for a moment. Especially after reading an article about actor Octavia Spencer on The Ellen Show, where she admits that she wears triple Spanx during award’s season. Triple?

Well, you remember that outfit post I did where I was wearing the Queen Grace dress? This is it, if you didn’t read it. Let’s just say it was experimenting time.

One of the reasons I wasn’t able to wear that dress earlier was because of the tight fit (my fault). My hubby had to literally zip me into that beautiful dress. Of course I was already wearing one pair of Spanx, but I still had that pooch we all love.

Yes, yes…I know there is a great shape wear debate. You either wear it or you don’t. I wear it proudly. And I firmly stand my ground. It won’t make me lose weight, but it will smooth me out. Anyways, I know a 100lb woman who wears Spanx! It’s not just a fat girl thing.

Back to my story…I still had the pooch. That’s when I thought, hey…why don’t I throw on another pair just to see how it looks. You know…just for sh*ts and giggles.

After a quick struggle, I had successfully pulled on another pair…aaaaand I couldn’t breathe. And don’t get me started on sitting down or eating. You should have seen me trying to get into my car. LOL! I don’t know how Octavia wears three pairs!

I called my friend and proudly admitted that I was wearing two pairs of Spanx. Her response…”You can do that?” Apparently.

At the end of the night, I had to peel myself out and finally…I could breathe. It was glorious!

Now, I’m wondering, are you a two or three pair kind of woman?

Is this even common? Am I alone? Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha I love it, I need to buy a second pair then. I need to try that for sure haha 🙂 
    Miss you pretty girl!

    • Anonymous

      LOL I miss you too!

  • I actually did not know of this phenomenon until I saw it on Big Sexy, I think it was Tiffany Banks (?sp) who was double loaded. It is hard enough wearing one, I cannot image two or three. The dress looked awesome though.

    • Anonymous

      That’s right! I did see her do that! LOL

  • Tee

    I hate wearing one, so to think of wearing two or three is totally out of the question and if you have to wear more than one, then literally what you’re wearing is way too small for you!

    • Anonymous

      LOL I don’t know…In my case if I had one size up on the dress, it would’ve been big on me. Besides, it looks better fitted than baggy. I guess it depends on the style of the piece…and the person? LOL

  • i love the feeling of being all sucked in with spanx..ahaha i’ve worn two, i’m not gonna lie and i certainly am not ashamed 😛 hehehehe

    • Anonymous

      LOL no need to be ashamed right?!? 

  • Monique, you live in LA and don’t know about Fajate? I have an LA friend who goes to the alley specifically to pick up some. Since I’m in the Bay Area, I just went online and bought one. Let me tell you, girl, it is NOT for amateurs. Fajate is for professional shapewear-ers. Anyhow, I wore it in one of my posts underneath a this ASOS skater dress and it was a struggle to do anything, lol!

    Blog Post with fajate on:

    I repeat, it is not for amateurs. I wear Spanx everyday so I *thought* I could handle Fajate…

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t know about it…so going to check it out now! Thanks! 

      • Check it out and let me know what you think! I’m telling you, it’s medical grade compression.

  • i’ve never tried spanx but after seeing octavia/ellen clip, and now reading this, i think they’re a’calling my name. i’m emboldened!

  • Kurvayshus.B

    I wear 2 pairs of Spanx Reversible tights in the Winter because it is freezing. Regular tights do me no justice. In the past I have tried multiple layers of shape wear at once to achieve ULTIMATE smoothness. Idk if I would be able to stand three…but doubling up never hurt. I mean cut of your proper blood flow…MAYBE. But hurt? NO. lol.


  • My question is… how the hell do you keep the darn things from rolling down?!? Maybe I don’t buy the right size but it seems like mine never want to stay put! {smh} You looked gorgeous though, kudos!

  • Hayleyvictoriathomas

    I laughed out loud when I read this, I commend your bravery venturing into double Spanx territory! I wore a ‘miracle suit’ on a night out, it was my housemate’s and once I’d freed up a few fastenings I couldn’t do it back up! The shoulder straps were hanging down over my hips like I was wearing the tightest dungarees ever and I spent the rest of the night with my coat on. Thank God the chilly British weather provided a perfect excuse 🙂

  • elle_hoover

    Adele apparently wore 4 Spanx to the grammy’s… Beat that! *Gasps for air*


      WHOA! LOL!

  • Trix

    But. But. How do you go to the ladies room? I can hardly manage my toilette when wearing one pair, and don’t even get me startet about how hard it is after to glasses of champagne. I woould have to keep from going the entire night!