Review: SOHO’s 4-Piece Train Case

Guess who loves their SOHO 4-Piece Train Case? Meeeeee! Do you want to know why I love it? Well…let me tell you why. I travel a few times a month and taking my make up with me has kind of been a hassle. I can’t take my heavy train case with me when I’m flying. It weighs too much. But, I can take this with me. It’s so easy to pack!

It’s part of their cosmetic bag collection. It’s a soft train case and it’s so awesome! Inside the case there are three separate organizable cases. I used it when I went to Las Vegas and it really came in handy. All my make up fit and then some. I haven’t had to clean it yet, but it’s seems like it’s easy to clean. And don’t worry about spending too much on this, it’s only $17.99. Sounds good to me!