My Valentine’s Day Lingerie Picks

It’s a Valentine’s Day countdown! It’s time to get sexy. I know that won’t be hard for you ladies! And if any significant others are reading this post, maybe it will serve as some gift inspiration. Hint…hint.

There’s no better way to show off those voluptuous curves than with sexy lingerie. I’m dying over those Lace Heart Back Panties from Hips & Curves (#8). So HOT! I want them stat! I think the hubby will love them.

Actually, I’m loving all of these picks below. These are my top picks! Did I miss any? Leave a comment and tell me where you get your lingerie.

Which one do you think is sexiest?

1. Torrid 2. Bare Necessities 3. Cacique 4. Domino Dollhouse 5. Hips & Curves 6. About Curves 7. Simply Be 8. City Chic

  • oh lovely 🙂 hmm so hard to decide, but i am loving number 4 from domino doll house….i have yet to  order something form there…i absolutely love their stuff, im just such a broke student 🙁 


  • SmilesWonderland

    I would have to sat numbers 1,5 and 3 are my top three of the sexy list. 

  • Jess mom

    I want number4 were can I find it

    • Anonymous

      It’s from Domino Dollhouse 🙂 You can click on the link above 🙂

  • Ashleen

    I love # 2 and # 4 ! 🙂

  • I’m in love with #5!

  • I love Hips & Curves! Glad to see them included!

  • Chelsea McGuire

    1 and 7!