Dolce Vita Spring 2012 Lookbook

You all know about my love for Dolce Vita. In fact…I love them ever more, because I won a free pair from them on their Facebook page! I don’t know what pair I’m getting, but hey it’s free. If you haven’t entered, why not? If I can win, maybe you will too! But hurry, because it’s only until the end of February.
Anywhoodle, so where was I…Oh yes…I adore them. This morning I got an email with their spring lookbook (below) and although I think their model could definitely use some curves, I love the shoes. I’m all about the vibrant colors too! I see a few pairs of wedges and sandals I can definitely wear out this spring. Check out the spring collection!

What do you think? Would you rock any of these?

(click on the image for the full view)


  • I would rock those blue suede wedges! They are fab!


      Those are hot! 

  • the shoes are awesome!!! i love the colours!!

  • BabeHope

    Such pretty shoes. Love the deep rich colors!

  • Betsy Aimee

    OMG! I love DV too. I totally want those black ones with the cork heels. divine!