Shoe Fever: 10 Wedges

I’m staring at my closet right now wondering if I can squeeze more shoes in there. Looks like a big fat “No.” I was not made to have a small closet. Now, I’m trying to figure out where I can store them (my poor husband).

If I get rid of the T.V. in my armoire, then I can put some there! This is bad right? Well, this is the kind of thinking I go through whenever I do a Shoe Fever post. It’s always about the shoes I’m craving at the moment. Now, wedges are on my mind. And since spring is almost here and I have to start thinking about what my feet will be wearing. I still love flat sandals, but I’m in a wedge mood.

I found 10 that I really love…in no particular order.

Which WEDGE is your favorite?


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  • michelle jadaa

    Have you used the space under the bed or shoe storage:)

    • Monique

      Genius!!! Love it! Yay more shoes!! lol

  • where do you find your shoes? as a plus size woman i can only find my high heels at plus size stores like torrid and lane bryant. pls help! i love the wedges that you posted.

    • the way you feel about shoes is the way i feel about makeup. i live in new orleans and i am currently thinking of a hurricane evacuation plan for my all of my makeup and my denim jeans.

      • Monique


    • Monique

      Hi Sonia 🙂 Are you looking for wide width shoes? Or larger sizes like 10 and up?

  • I love the 4th pair of shoes. I would wear them to death!

    • Monique

      I would wear all of them to death! LOL