New Plus Size Fashion Show on TLC?

If you read my post  Mixed Messages you know how I feel about TLC’s show What Not To Wear. This show features co-host Stacy London, a fashion expert who tells women what they should and shouldn’t wear.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, London got the green light for eight episodes of a new fashion series. It’s untitled at the moment, but the article states it will feature husband and wife business owners Lisa and Jim Dolan. They own plus size boutique Lee Lee’s Velise in Brooklyn, New York.  The show will revolve around the boutique and the customers.

A lot like What Not To Wear, the owners will work on making over their customer’s wardrobes and offering plus size fashion advice.

I’m always worried about how these shows will portray plus size women. Sometimes these networks edit the show to be a lot more dramatic than it really is. You know what I’m talking about, right? Let’s hope this shed’s a positive light on plus size women and  fashion.

What do you think?

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  • james dolan

    Thank you for writing about our new show. It has been in the works for a while and it is finally coming to pass. Lisa and I have been in the business of making clothes for the plus sized community for five years now and you can trust that we will not allow any nonsense. For us it is all about the clothes. I think you will be pleased with our show.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the comment Mr. Dolan! I never doubted your intentions, it’s the networks I worry about. LOL! Wishing you all nothing but luck and blessings! Feel free to reach out whenever you’d like! 

  • I think What Not to Wear is a bit pretentious… they have this tendency to put women in the same department store formulated outfits over and over and over, just change the fabric and the color. And then they drive me nuts with their rules. If you’re a pear shape, you have to wear this. If your big busted, you have to wear that. I just don’t care for their anti-personal-style style, you know what I mean?

    Soooo, I’m just worried that Stacy London and TLC might try to push those ideologies into this new show and twist it into a negative light towards plus size women. “Oh you’re fat, so you can never ever wear fitted things and only empire waistlines and box cut tops.”

    Here’s to hoping this will turn out better than MTV’s run at a plus-size focused show.

    • SweetT

      I see where you’re coming from (wear this if you’re body is shaped like this) but I have never seen Stacy (or Clinton) body snark on WNTW. IIRC, Stacy has struggled with disordered eating her whole life and really goes out of her way to positively impact women that are insecure with their body/weight etc. And it’s true – you do not have to be a size 0-12 to have a personal style and dress well. A lot of it is subjective, sure, but I’ve only really seen the WNTW hosts joke about their contestants’ clothing when they dress “too young” or “too old.”