Melt Away the Winter Blues with Playtex Secrets® Bra Giveaway

Printed bras are greatly underrated. There’s something about knowing you have a bra with a fun design underneath your clothes. Like, when I wore this new Playtex Secrets® Cotton Shaping Underwire bra ($34) in the Mini Grape Zebra print. I felt a little sassy! It’s a great way to add a burst of color to your day and melt away your winter blues. And not only was it cute, but it was comfy and it fit. You know I’m a big fan of that! We all know that finding a bra that fits us the right way is a challenge.

Just take a look at the lightly padded cups that offer shaping and support, there’s a hint of lace for added playfulness and I’m loving the convertible straps.The bra is available in following sizes: In Basic Colors: 36 – 42 B; 36-44 C, D, DD and in Fashion Colors: 36 – 44 C, D, DD. I’m actually wearing the bra right now! Is that a little too much information? LOL!

And to help add some sassy to your day, Playtex wants to give one my readers their own Playtex Secrets Cotton Shaping Underwire bra! To enter, watch this episode of  Playtex Makeover Bra Series Season 2 and come back and answer the giveaway question below.

  • Sarah

    I can *always* use a new, cute bra…I love having choices and options! The zebra print one is very cute!

  • Sherrie

    I always have a issue with it digging into my shoulder

  • This is an awesome giveaway. A good bra is always hard to find.

  • nichol perez

    The hardest part is finding one with comfortable straps that don’t press into your skin and leave strap marks as if I had a tan and an underwire that supports the breast and I don’t fall out of. I want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time without the padding that gives me that natural lift and looks good under my clothes and that my husband have a hard time getting off and feeling like a football from those heavy padded bras.

  • annese Wriedt

    The hards part of find the right Bra is find a bra that covers you whole breast. Because my breast fall out the bottom of the bra.

  • Maggie

    Love that bra, but love how happy the women are after finding a bra that fits – so hard to learn your right size!

  • I feel the hardest part of finding a bra that fits is the fact that some bras spill me out, if you know what I mean and others dont give me the cleavage I want. Also, some bras are just unflattering and make boobs look weird :/

  • The hardest part is the back rolling up cause I am thicker then a snicker! lol

  • Leni

    The most difficult part is finding one with proper fitting cups even after taking measurements.

  • Finding one that fits properly!

    canadianangelxo at live dot ca

  • The hardest thing for me to finding a bra that fits right is that I hate underwire. I only have a few in my batch. I only keep the ones that don’t stick and poke me all day.

  • Monica Young

    The harder part is knowing my cup size and finding a comfy straps bra

  • Tina

    The hardest part is finding one that fits properly and has comfortable straps

  • bunny

    Gaping cups!

  • Stephanie

    Definitely trying to find one with straps that don’t dig into my shoulders.

  • Athena

    The hardest part about finding a bra is finding one that doesn’t ride up or that doesn’t cause me to spill out.

  • The hardest thing about finding a bra, is that im a big girl with small boobs, they dont usually make them i want something that looks cute and sexy.

  • The hardest part is finding bras that I dont spill out of.

  • Susan Olson

    The hardest thing about finding a bra is that each company fits their bras differently. I might be one size in one brand and another size in another brand. I find that I can go go back to one brand that fit before and find that one won’t fit in the same size I am wearing. Manufacturers are inconsistent with their sizing. It’s not just me either. I’ve talked to other women that find the same thing. It’s no wonder they tell you you’re wearing the wrong the size.

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  • Alexandra

    The hardest thing for me is finding the right bra is getting a good tight fit in the band without feeling pinched or squeezed.

  • Valerie C.

    It’s hard to find one with lift and support that’s comfy all day!

  • Tina

    I have a hard time finding a bra that lifts enough to satisfy me.

  • Yvette

    It’s hard to find the right bra in the different brands. Sometimes I need to size up or size down or change letter. There are just so many choices to choose from , its simply overwhelming trying to choose one.

  • Benita

    The hardest part is finding one that fits properly, that you don’t fall out of on top, and/or the sides and feels comfortable.


  • The hardest part about finding a good fitting bra is that each brand’s size seems to fit differently. One bra’s D cup is too big and another bra’s D cup is too small. It’s like Goldie Locks and the three bra cups! lol.

  • The hardest part for me is finding cute bras in my size! I’m a 36 DD, and most bra companies seem to stop all the cute prints and designs around a 36C!

  • Andrea Julian

    The hardest part is finding a bra that I don’t have to keep adjusting all day because it does not fit properly.

  • tanyab79

    straps staying up and sides bulging.

  • Karen Williams

    The hardest part is finding a bra that will fit my breast without spilling over on the sides.

  • Belinda McNabb

    The most difficult thing for me is finding cups that fit properly


  • Julie B.

    The hardest part is getting a bra that does not fall off the shoulder. I must be crooked, because one side always comes down, and even if I keep shortening that side, it still happens all the time.
    Also, I hate between between cup sizes, and different brands are different so it’s so hard to order online.

  • Jen House

    i have a hard time finding one that fits my big chest haha

  • Kimberly

    Finding one that has the support I need and is comfortable.

  • My difficulty with finding a bra that fits is that they seem to range by manufacturer.