Holiday Inspired: 3 New Year’s Eve Looks!

It’s New Year’s Eve-Eve! Woohoo! I don’t know what I’m “woohoo-ing” about, I’m still not sure where this chick will be when the clock strikes midnight. But, if I was going out, I’d definitely wear something along the lines of the three looks below. Simply chic with a pops of color is  how I explain these outfits. And if you’re one of those last minute, running around the mall, and looking for something to throw together shoppers-then these should be easy to find pieces.

My friend Ivory totally inspired the black and gold look. She has a vintage dress that’s similar to the one I chose. And you know I had to throw sequins in there! Guess, which one is my favorite? Hmmmm?

Which one are you loving?

The lady in red, black & gold, or silver?

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  • Loving that red dress with the braclet!!

    • Monique

      That bracelet is sooo hot!

  • Hehe- we have similar tastes. I mentioned the red and the black and gold on my New Year’s post :).

    Great minds! LOL

    • Monique

      Did you??? Awwwwww LOL

  • I think the red look stunning on you. But I am so eyeing the black and gold for me…now let’s hope the mall has something similar for me tomorrow, because YES I am always last minute.

    • Monique

      Hope you found what you were looking for :))

  • Love the gold look. FIERCE!

    • Monique

      Thanks! I want that dress so bad!