ASOS Curve and The Collar

As a child, I was enrolled in an elementary school with a strict dress code. Girls could only wear skirts and dresses (no shorter than your knees of course) with collars or a collared shirt. I did this from kindergarten until the 5th grade. So, when I noticed ASOS Curve’s love for collars, I immediately had flashbacks. LOL…OK it’s not that bad.

I did notice their mini-obsession with the collar. Which you can find embellished, Peter Pan style, scalloped, and even color blocked.

I’m curious…are you a collar fan? 

  • i am a collar fan. i love collars. im actually sewing me one next week 🙂 i also love asos ! 😀


    • Monique

      I wish I could sew!

  • I haven’t worn anything with a color since my last job interview.

    There’s just something so buttoned up about it and I have never really felt comfortable with it. Perhaps because I think it emphasizes my big chest.

    Anyway, now that I see these, that second to last dress is sooooo cute!

    I may have to rethink the whole collar thing.