‘All I want for Christmas’ is Rachel Roy Jewelry

Surprise, Surprise…I still haven’t done any Christmas shopping. I’m going to be hating myself in a few days.

But, for now, I will continue to think about what I need to add to my gift list. Like, this jewelry from the Rachel Roy line.

I’ve written about her before and I will admit some of the designs are “hit or a miss.” The pieces below are a definite hit in my book. I can see myself wearing all of it (hint hint).

Are you a Rachel Roy fan? 

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  • i love first picture of the earrings! Those are gorgeous!

    • Monique

      I saw those in a Macy’s and want them so bad!! lol

  • Oh yeaaaaaaaaaa! I love those.

  • Love the first pair of earrings and the last necklace! Great shapes 🙂