2011…Almost out the Door…

Are you as stunned as I am that it’s almost 2012? Time flies when you’re blogging. Is that not the saying? Well, it is now! So, I started reflecting on this past year. Thinking about all the amazing people I’ve met, places I was blessed to visit, and the opportunities that came my way. Blogging really has become a creative outlet for me and to be able to blog about what I love is beyond words.

2012 will bring some changes around here, not major ones. I promise. Just little ones here and there. You’ll definitely see more outfit posts and I hope to be more creative in that department. I’m always talking about “stepping out of my comfort zone,” but never doing it. There is so much I love in fashion, it’s time to walk the walk my loves.

You’ll also celebrate Curves and Chaos hitting the “terrible two’s.” Yes! My blog is going on two years now, I can’t believe it! I am lining up some giveaways for you, my amazing readers. You, who’ve put up with design changes and sometimes questionable content. I know. What was I thinking? I’m still wondering if I should do one massive giveaway or a giveaway each week? What do you think?

I know one thing that will not change in the new year, it’s my stand on size and self-acceptance. Once you accept yourself for you are and how you were created, there’s no stopping you. It’s something I truly believe in.

OK…it’s time to get back to work. I’ll write a couple of more blog posts for you before 2011 is officially out the door. Now, start working on putting those New Year’s Eve outfits together!




  • I miss you. So very much. :'(