Shoe Fever: Dolce Vita

I’m so in love with Dolce Vita shoes. I wish they offered shoe-a-holics a lifetime membership. You just pay a yearly fee and they just send you shoes when they come out. Yeah, I know there are a lot of shoe companies like this, but I want Dolce Vita! If they did, I’d be one happy girl.

Just look! This round of new arrivals has really caught my attention. It’s like little bits of suede deliciousness.

  • these are some hot shoes!!! You gotta encourage my shoe addiction don’t you? haha

    • Monique Frausto

      LOL sooooorrrrrry

  • Those red and black shoes are awesome, and I am really into the chunky heeled look right now.

    • Monique Frausto

      Aren’t they…I’m still drooling over them! lol