My Black Friday Shopping Tips

Some of you might think “Black Friday” is just a regular old shopping day. Wrong. It’s not. The day after Thanksgiving is the holy grail of shopping days to retailers. It’s the day where they expect to turn the most profit. That means amazing deals, discounts, and specials.

A few years ago, retailers were opening the doors at 6 a.m., now they are opening at 12 a.m. Walmart is opening their doors at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. These retailers are not joking around! And neither are the shoppers. I just read about a lady who starting camping outside of a Best Buy nine days ago. So, If you’re heading out on Friday, here are a few shopping tips. 

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Please don’t be the lady fighting over flat screen t.v. in a pair of 5-inch platforms. 
  • Don’t forget your coupons. Do you really want to stand in line for hours only to be at the register and find out you left your 15% off coupons at home? 
  • Make sure you’re rested. How many times do you complain about making mistakes because you’re “too tired.” This is a serious shopping time. There is no room for mistakes.
  • Bring your patience. That’s it. You’re going to need it. 
  • Don’t forget about the “door busters.” The earlier you arrive the better chance of getting a Blu-ray player for $10.
  • Do your research manage your time. Don’t just show up and figure you’ll find good deals. Again, you’re just wasting valuable “Black Friday” shopping time.
  • Don’t forget to eat a healthy meal and stay hydrated. You don’t won’t be sluggish on the busiest shopping day of the year do you? Those shopping pros will run you over with their carts!
  • Bring a friend. Who else is going to hold your stuff if you can’t find a shopping cart? 
  • If all else fails…shop online. That’s a whole different post.

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Do you have any “Black Friday” shopping tips?

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  • Moe

    Staffed are going to be stressed out just as much if not more than shoppers because of the crowds of people they will be dealing with, both friendly and not. For many this may be their first day working during such an event. I think it is important to remain courteous and leave on a good note so the next person they deal with gets a good experience too. Put your smiling face on and practice your “thank you”. 😀

    • Monique Frausto

      Great advice! Thanks for sharing!!

  • I am more of an online shopper. The only times I have done crazy in store deals were for gifts for people I REALLY loved. Oh and once for a killer peacoat…