Dorothy Perkin’s Disco Fever

I’m a biiiiiiig fan of the 1970’s disco era. When I was little, I used to love looking at old photos of my mom wearing her mini skirts and hot pants. Soooo 70’s! There’s just something about the music and fashion that combine to make good times. And don’t forget about the sparkle of it all. The fashion from that era definitely mimicked a disco ball. Looks like Dorothy Perkins found the disco inspiration in these pieces below.

FYI…Dorothy Perkins only goes up to a US size 18. And their web site is now available to the US.

Which dress is your favorite? The blue sequin one is calling me!

  • the 4th one the 6th one and the last one. Now i have to go look at them. lol thanks for telling me i love dorthy perkings.

    • Monique Frausto

      I know I love this line too! And you’re welcome! 😉

  • these dresses are amazing! i love sequin and sparkly stuff, but who doesn’T really? lol I’m in love with them thanks for sharing this! and I thought Dorothy Perkins went up to size 20? well either way love these dresses thanks for sharing


  • I love the white gown with the gold belt very sutle but chic!

    • Monique Frausto

      Thanks for the comment Jenda…I like that one too. And normally I’m scared to wear white because I’m so messy. LOL