Brrrrr…it’s Beret Time

I’m back from Chicago and brrrrrr…it was chilly there and this L.A. girl loved it. After seeing everyone bundled up, I started to think about how you can stay warm, but look chic at the same too. How about a beret? I really like this Pins and Needles Basketweave bow beret from Urban Outfitters ($14.99).

There’s no need to be afraid of berets like this, you don’t have to be in in Paris to wear one. You can find them in almost every accessory store during the fall and winter. And they vary in price and design.

From embellishment’s like stones or sequins to nuetral or bright colors, there’s pretty much something for everyone. I always worry they won’t stay on my head, but that’s what bobby pins are for. LOL.

Are you a beret or beanie fan?


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  • I never worn one before I thought my head was to fat! lol Hmmm maybe I should look into it.

    • I recently started wearing barets, i started last year in AZ but the winters weren’t to cold. I am in west Texas now and i love wearing them, I also thought my face was to big but there is a style for every face.