Win a Pink Ashley Stewart Clutch & Jewelry

October is almost over and this is our last “pink” Breast Cancer Awareness month giveaway. I can’t believe how fast the month flew by. Let’s not forget all of those who have been affected by this horrible disease and honor them by taking care of ourselves. Get examined by a doctor, be conscious of any changes in your body, and stay healthy! Remember, breast cancer awareness is year round.

Hopefully, those who have won any of these giveaways will be reminded every time they wear their pink prizes. Like this last giveaway. Courtesy of the always fab Ashley Stewart, one reader will win this chic pink clutch with pink jewelry to match! You’ll get a necklace set, one ring, a bracelet, and two pairs of earrings! Details to enter are below!

  • Nichole

    From an article in Marie Claire magazine, I found out that a lot of the “pink” products out on the market don’t have any money that goes to actual cancer research. Here’s the article if you’re interested:

  • Donna B.

    I learned: Where can a person find more information about breast cancer and its treatment?
    To learn more about IBC, other types of breast cancer, and breast health in general, please refer to the following resources:

    NCI’s Breast Cancer Home Page (
    Breast Cancer (PDQ®): Treatment (
    Understanding Breast Changes: A Health Guide for All Women (
    What You Need To Know About™ Breast Cancer (

  • Leni

    If you have dense breast a mammogram alone isn’t enough; you also need to have an ultrasound because some things might not show on the mammogram because of the density.

  • I have learned how to check yourself for lumps.

  • Lexi

    After an earlier scare, I learned to advocate for myself more, insist on additional reviews and an ultrasound. As the poster above mentioned, some things show up on an ultrasound instead of the mammo because of dense breast tissue.

    This month Gov. Brown in CA vetoed a bill that would alert women if they have dense breast tissue, which could obscure cancer detection in a mammogram. If you’re in California, contact Gov. Brown and let him know what you think about it at:

    Article on the bill is here:

  • Erica Best

    i learned that u have drink the recommend drinking 8 glasses of fluids a day to keep your systems flowing and going to lower your risk of cancer

  • I learned that it is very important to check yourself out, early check ups are important, and to check any changes in our bodies. Its very important to take care of ourselves in order to prevent or to be able to cure such a horrible disease.

  • Patricia

    One thing that I have learned or has been stressed is to make sure you do self breast exams. Also, breast cancer also affects men not just women.

  • dacia dale

    more women are now open and supportive

  • Every women aged 50 and over should have a breast screening every two years.

  • This clutch is BEAUTIFUL!
    Definitely checking my self out…many memories of myself doing self exams in middle school and freaking out like Beta in My Girl lol

  • Betony

    I’ve learned the importance of screening myself every month.

  • Aimee Jongejan

    During BCAM I’ve learned the importance of self exams. I always thought that going to get my yearly was enough because I’m so young, but this month I’ve been reminded how important it is for us to get to know our ladies during different times of the month so we can detect if there are any changes

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