Win a Cacique Passion Lace ‘Pink Candy’ Bra (Closed)

I love that the color pink represents the fight against breast cancer. When I look at it, I see it as a brave, courageous, and strong color. That’s why all this month, I’m going to be giving away something pink each week.

This week Lane Bryant wants to give away two of their new Cacique Passion Lace full coverage bras in the color ‘Pink Candy’ in sizes 38D and 42D.

Our luxurious passion lace full coverage bra combines sexiness and support. Seamless underwire cups feature a beautiful lace overlay with a silky lining. Side boning smooths and supports. Lightly padded adjustable straps.

I know it’s only available to win in two sizes. The way I see it, if it doesn’t fit you, then why not win it for you mom, sister, cousin, best friend, or aunt.

To enter, leave a comment below, telling me which size you’d like (38D or 42D) and tell me what the color pink means to your or what you think it represents.

For an additional separate entry, tweet the following and leave a separate comment stating you did so: “ Enter to win the @CurvesandChaos #giveaway in honor of #BreastCancerAwareness  

Rules: Open to US residents only, you must be 18 years or older to enter, only one entry per person, unless using the one additional entry (two entries maximum), please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping, winner will have 24 hours to confirm prize, ends 10/11/11, winner will be chosen using

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. The prize is sponsored by Lane Bryant. The above is my true and honest opinion.

Giveaway Closed

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  • Pink is now the color that I mostly associate with my bestie, Tita, and her experience of losing her mother to breast cancer. She’s walked in her mother’s name year after year. Now, when I see any pink products while out doing my rounds or with intentions to buy a product, I tend to pick up the pink product of the item I wanted. I needed scissors for craft project and instead of getting a random one, I got the Komen pink scissors.

    Pink is powerful!

    That is a lovely picture of your aunt and a great way to honor her.

    Thank you for this opportunity! Another great way to giveback and showcase something really important.

    Vicky, Size 42D

  • SteveD

    Cancer is some scarey stuff. I had lump taken out when I was 19, scarey stuff laying on the table while they look and see how much more to get. Cancer is your body destroying your body. We all hope to live a long time with no major problems. Plus you Gals lose part of what your image. But remember it’s what’s inside that counts and make you the person you are.

    Oh Wife wears 40c. But really won’t do anything with Steel in it. Ie Underwire.

    • Terri Holman

      My mother died from Cancer 27 years ago…she was stage 4 Ovarian with cancer in her entire body and only 45 years old at the time – the Dr.s’ at that time were not concerned as much with the lumps in her breast because Ovarian is what was taking her. I hope and pray that all women will have a cure for Breast Cancer in our lifetime!

      Terri – 38D

  • Brooke

    Pink represents hope & life to me. A family member was diagnosed many years ago – and has survived! They caught it early & she fought hard. Pink means stand up & fight; life is worth living; we can beat this thing… Pink means hope!

    (Size 38D, please)

  • Pink symbolizes the strength and beauty that women embody when fighting such a horrifying disease. With research and education, we will find a cure! [38D]

  • Krista

    My aunt had breast cancer a few years ago and almost lost her life. Pink represents her life to me. She is cancer free, and alive. I would like a 42D. Thank you.

  • ann b size 38d

    the color pink represents breast cancer which has a big meaning to me since my best friend that passed last year had breast cancer. the color pink is a very pretty and feminine color.

  • Jackie

    I see pink as a color of strength for the Women who have dealt with and who are dealing with breast cancer. I always think of my grandmother, who passed away from it, and I never had the privilage of meeting her. And a dear family friend, who has survived it.

    Jackie, size 38DDD

  • Amber Jackson

    Pink not ony represents femininity but also strength. Women wear pink from birth as a sign of all that it means to be female. If you apply the fortitude and confidence it takes most guys to wear pink to the women that do it all the time, you can see the strength that women have. Pink is a mind set. Not only in daily life, but in surviving and thriving in devastating circumstance. 42D

  • 42D – The color pink means a world without breast cancer. The color pink gets us one step closer to finding a cure!

    Thank you!

  • Jill R. Furr

    The color pink means hope to me. I love the color. When I wear it, it makes me happy.

  • Melissa Ballew

    The color and pink and the month of October has a lot of meaning for me. I lost my Mother to breast cancer on June 30, 2010. She was a very young 51 years old. We lost her way before her time. I feel so blessed that she got to spend almost one year with her Grand-daughter before she passed away. She will forever be our guardian angel!

    After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, my Mom couldn’t resist buying ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that was pink or had the breast cancer ribbon on it. Everywhere you looked in her home there was pink all around her. I have come to love and cherish all that is pink (it was never one of my favorite colors) as I am sitting here now, typing this, I am wearing a PINK sweater!

    Let’s honor and remember the many women who have fought or are fighting this horrible disease! Thank you Lane Bryant for offering this.

    I would LOVE the 42D!

  • jean anderson


  • Brenda Williams

    44B love these bras

  • Bridgette R.

    To me, pink represents all the beautiful warriors out there. I have been fortunate to have family and friends…and me, all be breast cancer free! With hopes of that “free” til the end. 🙂 But I honor and respect the women in fighting and who have lost that battle. And those who have won! I support this cause wherever and whenever I can! There is a cure…there has to be! And the color pink reminds us of how we need to come together and support each other, always. Whether or not it has effected us directly. Besides, pink is my fave color! 🙂

    Thank you so much for this giveaway…even if I don’t win, I’m glad to have found this blog!

    Bridgette (42D) @>——–

  • Courtney Hennigan

    The color pink is my favorite. To me it means survivor, strong, and compassionate.
    Size 38D

  • Jessica Gravelle

    I wear a 42D. Pink, for me, signifies a lot. I have a bunch of breast cancer awareness apparel because I think its important for people to know they are able to help. My boyfriends mom went through breast cancer and so did my grandmother. At the Relay for Life in Norfolk, VA – I proudly walked beside this woman who beat cancer. I want everyone to be able to beat cancer and helping promote breast cancer awareness will help fund those people who strive everyday to find a way.

  • The color pink to me is my grandmother. She no longer is alive, but she was a breast cancer survivor. When I was just a teenager, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after, she had one breast and lymph nodes from under her arm removed. She then went on to live many years free of cancer.

    At the time I was devastated to find this out. It was great to watch her go through such a trying time with courage and determination. A great example to me for all those times when life isn’t perfect.

    So, pink is my grandmother.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to share.

    Size 42d

  • When I think of pink my great grandmother instantly comes to mind. At this very moment she is fighting with breast cancer after they removed it 10 years ago it has came back at a very hectic time in our lives. When I started nursing school it was for her I wanted to be able to take care of her myself if something like this ever came back along, and it did just sooner that we expected. I have now vowed to my pink scrubs in school and pink on Friday’s at work (along with my pink Coach purses lol). Even if I do not win I would like who ever reads this to know a little bit about me, and for them to realize breast cancer is real and I am a full supporter in every way possible.
    -Kourtney, size 42D

  • Jennifer Mitchell

    When I see pink I remember the good times I had with my Mom before she passed away from breast cancer. Breast cancer runs in my family, my mom and both grandmothers had it. A few week ago I had a scare, they found two spots in my left breast and at age 37 you can only imagine the thoughts that were going through my head. When ever I see anything supporting breast cancer or any other for that matter I try to pick it up or make a donation. I have a 5 year old daughter and I hope there is a cure before she is old enough to have to deal with these issues. Pink is Power for Women and Men with Breast Cancer!

  • Jennifer Mitchell

    Sorry left out size 38D

  • Jennifer

    38D please….Pray we find a cure!!!

  • Pink to me means hope. Hope that we will find a cure for a disease that takes so many beautiful women each year! It also represents my cousin who at the age of 35, was diagnosed with breast cancer and fought for a year, and beat it! She’s now 53 and going strong!
    I would take size 38D please

  • Elisabeth

    Pink means strength and pride in being a girl.

  • Elisabeth

    42 d I forgot the size

  • lisa chapman

    The color pink is for strong women!! I have so many people in my live affected by breast cancer.. Some fought it and one and others did not, but they were all strong willed woman who knew how to fight!!!! God bless all of them!!!


  • When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, like my mother was with stage 4 breast cancer in October 2010, not only is her life changed forever, but so are the lives of her loved ones. Being alongside my mother throughout chemotherapy and so many doctor appointments that it left my head dizzy, brought me closer to her and made me more aware of the horrible battle women face. Last fall when we sat in her kitchen under the light broken by the revolving ceiling fan blades, I slowly and carefully buzzed away the remnants of her wavy dark locks that had already begun falling out from the chemo. She remained strong as I choked back tears. She was so brave as her immune system weakened, neuropathy set in, bones became brittle, energy withered, nails turned purple and the plethora of other side effects from having her body pumped full of toxins. She cried the day she lost her eyelashes. However the warm cuddly hats and scarves knit by volunteers in soft pastel hues helped her maintain her femininity and feel the loving embrace of strangers who arise to support the lady warriors. While pink does represent hope for a cure, we cannot forget about our stage 4’s that cannot fight for a cure but DO fight for the hope of remission …for a few more years to celebrate life. To me pink means I have a new window of time to spend with my mother, who is now in remission, where she can build new memories, travel, laugh, and embrace life.


  • Aisling

    To me, pink is a symbol of standing strong and fighting breast cancer. My mother was not a survivor, but she always stayed strong and positive. I also have a friend who went through chemo and breast removal and has been cancer free for 10 years now. (Size 42D)

  • Denise M

    Pink this month represents awareness for breast cancer and the race for a cure

  • Rebecca Graham

    42D Pink represents breast cancer survivors and breast cancer research and hope to me.

  • Rebecca Graham
  • Valerie Mabrey

    38D and i think pink means cancer in some products unless baby stuff then it means baby girl
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  • Melissa C

    Pink and what it means to me… pink means a couple of things to me… it represents breast cancer awareness which runs in my family and hope, faith and love. Its one of my fav colors to wear. Oh and it represents baby girls… Size 42D.


  • Pink to me reminds me of all my friends and family that have survived breast cancer. It means strong & survivor!

    – Caitlin 38DD

  • Amy

    My grandmother had breast cancer and had her left breast removed..I have had mammos since I was 28 years old…42D

  • Elizabeth Deprey


    To me, pink is a universally female color. Sure, some guys wear pink shirts (and I love it when they do) and some girls don’t especially like pink, but from the very beginning of our lives we’re dressed in pink to give people an instantly recognizable symbol of femininity. Our nurseries are pink, too, and our dolls’ dresses and teddy bears. It’s the one color that unites us, the 50% of the population that must come together and support each other as we work to find a cure.

  • Matt Mingle

    Pink signifies hope. 40B

  • Daphnee

    38D and pink means girly and strength and hope. When I see pink, I think Breast Cancer Awareness. My mom is a 2x breast cancer survivor.

  • emma miles

    In memory of a dear aunt and one of my dear friends,they both fought a good fight til the end.

  • Amy Martin


    To me pink represents many things: love, joy, sweetness, strength, courage, hope, faith and a lot of girl power.
    I’m the granddaughter of a breast cancer survivor who sadly lost her life to Alzheimer’s. She was an amazing woman, so full of passion for life and love for her whole family and it’s her spirit that I remember when I see pink.

  • Mindy Robbins

    My reason for loving means so much to me. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago at the age of 29. Being a survivor and a woman of strength means I live daily with the hopes that it never comes back. Pink ralllies the survivors together and it is the color for the breast cancer because us survivors stick together and have even more supporters. Support means having a nice, pink bra to help the cause, too. In 38D please!

  • Yessica

    I would love to win this beautiful clothes, size 38. To me pink color means to be a woman who knows that we should take care of ourselves in all ways.

  • Lisa Cristia

    Pink is hope. pink is a sign that although cancer is a killer there us still hope that we can find a cure. i work connecting cancer fighters to cancer surviviors to provide hope and inspiration that they too can get through this however, no one is safe, mo one is immune and until a cure is founf Pink brings us hope and a little kick in our step.

  • I wear a 42D and the color pink to me represents hope for the future. When I wear pink I feel a sense of calm and peace.

  • Cheri White

    42D, Pink represents hope, courage, strength, and compassion to me. Pink represents breast cancer awareness and what could be more fitting than a beautiful pink Cacique bra which offers support and glamour to an otherwise ‘plain’ every day article.
    Hope for a cure and a day when no woman needs to fear she will no longer be able to fill the beautiful bra she once wore.

  • Crystal

    Pink: Is a bright happy color, people look to the color in their time of need. To lift spirits and enlighten dreams.Looking forward to the future.

  • Crystal

    Pink is a color of strength, survival, and pride. It no longer just stands for girl or woman anymore.

  • I am currently battling breast cancer, lymphoma and thyroid cancer.
    Pink means pretty, sexy and a fighter!
    I know I will win this battle and my prayers to all that are fighting this nasty disease!

  • angie bignell

    I would like a 42 d please.
    Pink means hope. Since the pink movement started breast cancer survival rates have increased. Pink is the color of hope and the color of awareness.

  • Sorry, 42D and thank you!

    Christy from Texas

  • Lea

    The color pink means to me strength, power,and courage. I would like a 38D.

  • Laura McFann

    42D is my size, and I love Cacique . Pink is very important to remind people(women) that itls time to take a moment out of their busy life and go get checked, chances are someone you know will find out they have breast cancer try to make sure it’s not you.

  • Barb Vander SLuis

    Pink reminds me of the strides made in the cure for breast cancer. Some day soon, there will be a cure.

  • Cyell King-Hood

    the color pink reminds me of when i was 16 and my mother told me she had her first lumpectomy and that her sister was coming up to take care of her and me when she got her massive mysectomy (sp?). my mother is a breast cancer survivor. then it reminds me of when i was 18 and my mother called to tell me about my aunt, the same sister who took care of her, had just past from breast cancer. my aunt barbara isn’t a breast cancer surviver. and the color pink reminds me of my rockin awesome stepmama’s sister laurie, who is fighting breast cancer now. i pray every day that she WILL be a breast cancer surviver. and the color pink reminds me that every month i do my personal breast exams, every year i get my boobies squished, and i never stop praying for a cure. pink is the strongest color of strength, faith, hope, and determination for me. so remember people, let’s all work together to save second base.

    • Cyell King-Hood

      oh, 40 D is me lol.

  • Krista Keener

    Pink, is the color that resembles not only awareness for breast cancer month, it also stands for courage, bravery, fierce, power, strength, successful, beauty, love for ones self, graceful, unashamed, and full of gratification. A true warrior these ladies are that have to deal with this kind of cancer!

    42d for the size..thank you for this awesome giveaway! 🙂

  • Barb Vander SLuis

    oops 38 D

  • Michelle Dishner

    I wear 42D, LOVING MY CURVES! Pink means to me strength courage and hope for all the ladies that fight cancer. They have a heart of gold.

  • Kimberly Edwards

    42 D. The color pink represents several things to me. Pink can be brite and fun but especially in the month of October it’s special. Pink is a universal symbol that there is hope with new life and technology that we might one day find a cure for cancer. Pink can brighten someone’s mood that is suffering through cancer treatments. Pink looks good on anyone. I’ve been touched as a nurse time and time again by my patients fighting this disease. Pink for me is hope, beauty, and the energy for the cure.

  • Melynda

    Pink, for me, represents my grandmother. She was a breast cancer survivor, a teacher, and an independent woman long before it was socially acceptable. Both her capacity for unconditional love and indomitable spirit were traits I try to emulate.

    42D…. Keep searching for the cure!

  • Jeanette Donley

    Hello there,

    I am looking for the size 42D. The color pink reminds me of my mother, my hero. My mother found out she had breast cancer at the age of 64. She had to have radical lumpectomy and both breasts removed. So right when all of this happened my dad went out and bought out every item in pink. When my mom started losing her hair, he shaved his off as well and then bought her some very pink bandanas. Her diagnosis marked a turning point in my life, as it does for so many, this cancer changed me as nothing else did or will again. I feel as though I am in the “pink” stage of my life, its the season of pink for our family. I was in the midst of going back to school after many years. Breast cancer in a way for our family brought us together and gave us the added strength we needed to overcome our struggles with each other, and we cam out on the other side of love and prevailed. My sister and I are a bit closer now, and we fight less for when something as serious as cancer attacks your family, petty jealousies seem to take up less and less of your time. So every time I see the color pink I always think of my mom, she is my hero and if I win I will wear it proudly in honor of her and all of the struggle she went through. She is now almost 1 year cancer free. I wear the color with honor and look forward to the day that we will not be affected by this horrible disease.

    If I win the bra I will also wear it with honor and pride and my support for those who have gone before us and for all of those that currently struggle with this disease!

    With all my love,

  • Lori

    42 D~ Pink is when my 35 year old sister in law found a lump by self examination and went through lumpectomy, chemo and radiation at the same time being a great mom to her 2 young children, attending every football game and softball game! 10 years later she is healthy and walking for the cure…she never complained and she has an inner beauty and strength that I believe PINK represents.

  • 38d pink to me is the meaning of courage to give prayers love hope to those who have lost a love one or who has this terrible thing breast cancer love and prayers always laura

  • What pink means to me–well, as I sit here and ponder my thoughts on that, I am reminded of the first I was made aware of breast cancer, it was when I was 15 years old, and my mother was battling cervical cancer at the time. During her fight with cancer her younger sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember thinking wow, how can this be happening two very important women in my life, how can they both be battling cancer at the same time?

    As the days turned into months I watched as this disease in two different forms ravaged these women, taking them both down very different paths. My mother was not strong enough to defeat this horrible disease and I lost her, but I watched as my aunt battled breast cancer while witnessing the loss of her sister to cervical cancer. It was then that I began to understand the power of the community and how PINK became to be so important to me.

    Pink spoke to me of courage, and perseverance–about crawling when you don’t have the strength to walk, and about being carried when you don’t have the strength to crawl. Pink is proudly displayed in my life daily with a simple pink ribbon but it is through that small symbol that many of my friends and family have come to understand the power of Hope. We are all survivors in way or another to this disease, be it as a patient or a loved one.

  • bekah

    my mother is a cancer survivor and going through it with her as a kid it really made me a firm believer in cancer prevention and treatment research. 44ddd

  • katrina grinfield

    42d …Pink . My family has been touched by this and my children are learning to join the fight with volunteering @ school for relay for life and cancer walks. Would be just another reminder how close to home this can hit. And be a great way to remember to do monthly exams. Great contest to raise awareness. 🙂

  • Kathy Upton-Taylor

    When I see the color pink I think of all the women. Who have fought this fight! It’s certainly not for wimps! Pink is strong, courageous and heroic!

  • Cheryl Christian

    42 D
    Pink is symbol of girl and man power to fight this nasty cancer. Cancer is cancer no matter what form it comes in.

  • 42D, Pink is a woman’s signature color. It screams femininity. Every little girl including me relates the color pink to princesses. As an adult, I relate pink to breast cancer awareness. I work for a company who fits women with prothesis to help them feel like women again. This year we are proud head sponsors of our area Susan b. Komen race for the cure! Pink is my favorite color and always will be.

  • Diane Mason

    42D Pink used to always make me think of baby girls. But nowadays, I think most of us think of the pink ribbon and the fight against breast cancer.

  • Cheryl Christian
  • Ruthy

    Pink has always been my favorite color! It’s my mothers favorite color too. To us it represents kindness, softness, purity, and delicateness on a feminine way! At the same time it also ment for us a love for life! A passion!


  • Michelle Washburn

    I love the color pink, its seems so soft to me. I would wear a 38D. Thanks for the chance!

  • Niurks

    Pink represents Femininity and empowerment


  • I luv the color pink…

    Pink to me means POWER!! Pink means AWARENESS!! Pink means HOPE!! Pink means INSPIRATION!! PINK IS THE COLOR U WEAR IN BATTLE!!

    I wear pink to support my good friends Erica and Mary,both breast cancer survivors!! One day there will be a cure!!

    Size 42D

  • if i win i would take the size 42D…the color pink to me is a symbol for all the people who have struggled, passed on, or are still battleing breast cancer…my mom lost her battle with breast cancer about 7 years ago at the the age of 42..i love and miss her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • della dabner

    size:38D…..Pink represents for me my older sister I lost to breast cancer. Since her death my other sister and friends have walked in the breast cancer walkathon.

  • I would love this in the 42 D! I love the color pink because I live with my 60 year old aunt who is battling stage 4 breast cancer and pink is about the only color she wears anymore. Pink symbolizes her strength, courage and bravery!!!! Keep fighting!

  • The color Pink represents courage and strength to me. 42D


    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 43. She found the lump herself but did not go to the doctor immediately. In 3 months what was originally the size of a walnut increased to the size of a grapefruit. She had her lymph nodes removed and part of her breast. She underwent chemo and radiation at the same time. She has been cancer free for 14 years.
    Pink to me is a reflection of all things new. Think of a newborn baby “pinking up” right after birth. That is the feeling of hope and a bright future.
    If I win, I prefer size 38D.
    Thank you

  • Kari Benson

    42D… pink symbolizes the battle that my grandmother won over 10 yrs ago, the battle that a GD of mine @ 30 something has just begun in the past 3 weeks… I have a pink ribbon tattooed on my right breast, that is the side my grandmother lost to breast cancer..Pink means hoping and praying by the time my girls are my age it won’t be something they will have yo worry about. breast cancer sucks…kick its BUTT Amy.. we love you and are battling with you…

  • Jacquims

    Pink, pink reminds me of my daughter and the babies I nursed at my breast. You see it is her favorite color, but a color I hope and pray she never has to wear in memory of me. Pink, is my 2 grandmas, a great Aunt, an Aunt, all lost to breast cancer. Pink is 3 close friend all diagnosed with the horrid invader, all too young.
    Pink will be the cure. This is Pink to me.


  • della dabner

    size:38D…..Pink represents for me and my family our oldest sister we lost to breast cancer. Since her death my other sister and friends have walked in the breast cancer walkathon.

  • Charmaine Guy

    {SIZE 38D} When I see Pink it reminds me of my mom,aunt,uncle, and myself plus others that are fighting this battle <3 Our color reflect female & male breast cancer + lymphedema. Love your Planet. Love your Body. Love your Life…

  • The color pink reminds me of a beautiful person. That is strong. Is also good hearted.

  • khorletta cressor

    42D- I love being curvey, and i love pink, it is the new black per say. It is a strong and vibrant color with powerfull excelrating undertones.

  • The color pink reminds me of a strong person that is good hearted.

  • Kym Santangelo

    42D. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer 2 years ago. Ever since, Pink has become a big part of my life. I have 2 pink ribbon tattoos, and the majority of my wardrobe and jewelry is pink.

  • Nichol

    Pink makes me think of the fight against breast cancer, my birthday month, and little tiny baby girls 🙂 42D

  • Heather Bridson

    To me, pink is something girly, something indulgent, something that when worn makes me want to take care of myself a little more. I think thats why it was chosen for Breast cancer awareness, something feminine and girlie. I’m a tomboy to the core, so my pink rarely shows. If chosen I’d like the 42D, Thanks so much!

  • jennifer skibbe

    My mom is a 20 year survivor. To me pink means life. I am so grateful to still have my mom.

  • cheryl schneider

    SIZE 42D As a Ovarian Cancer Survivor and a Warrior for womens health it is imperative to recognize that PINK is representative of the FIGHT that must continue for our young girls/women who may have to face this ugly disease. It is our responsibility to EDUCATE and ADVOCATE for them. Don’t be ashamed or intimidated when you go to the DOCTORS, you know you body and when it speaks to you listen.

  • Ethel Stewart

    42D – The color pink means a world without breast cancer. The color pink gets us one step closer to finding a cure

  • I had a scare a couple of years ago but thankfully it was not cancer. I keep check just in case anything else comes up though. And the color Pink is my signature color I have been told. Most of my warbdrobe has either pink in it or it is solid pink. Thank you Lane Bryant for this oppotunity. 42D.

  • Sharon Edwards

    The color Pink always reminds me of how lucky I am to be a Breast Cancer Survivor. I not only survived but have been Cancer free now for 10 years. Even though I have LUPUS, I am surviving that also. GOD has truly Blessed me.

    42D, Sharon

    • Sharon Edwards

      I do wish you would consider giving away a purple one for LUPUS awareness!! 42D, Sharon

  • Tinnie Goodall

    Pink means a lot to me cuz it represents all the special people in the world that had or has breast cancer including my mom. The doctors went in and got it early thank god so I hope it stays away. I pray everyday for her and all the other beautiful ladies in the world today young or old. I love you all!!!!! God bless us women…..we r so important to this world!!! My bra size is like a 40DD.

  • Lisa

    Pink is a sign of strength and perseverance! 42DD

  • Jackquelyn

    I believe Pink signifies the love that envelopes someone who has been plagued with cancer. It takes a lot of courage, strength and love to overcome cancer. I hope that everyone that has cancer, has a lot of love around them. (38D)

  • Jennifer

    38D Please!!

    Pink to me is a color of passion. Some wear pink to show awareness. Some show it to be noticed. Some wear it because it’s sexy! But not matter why you wear it shows you have passion for something!

  • laura longoria

    The color Pthe means to me hope for a cure….my bff mom is struggling thru co breast cancer and she is a very strong lady and always has hope. Size 44dd

  • Donna McGauley Gehrtz

    Pink is strength in the fight against Breast Cancer, Pink is a reminder to do monthly Boobie squishes and yearly Mamo’s…I drive my friends nuts about this, because no one is immune to breast cancer…Male or Female and please remember to check your underarms as well for lumps and bumps!!! Hugz n Stuffz oh btw please enter my name in the giveaway 42 D here please and thank you!!! Donna @

  • Kristin

    Pink means strength and pride in being a woman! It means fighting for what you love most in life! Pink means GIRL POWER! WOOHOO! 😉


    PINK is IN!! Pink is a feminine, forceful color. You can’t take your eyes off it! I am not a ‘pink wearer’, but whenever I see pink, it always makes me smile. It reminds me of innocence and strength.
    May you all be blessed with strength and courage.
    YOU GO, GIRL!!!

  • Johna

    Pink-is for perseverance(commitment,hard work,patience,endurance).As in running a race, and not giving up!

  • Rose Nogueira

    The color pink represents all women young and old. It is a mixture of red (fierce and loving) and white which is pure. I am currently supporting 2 friends who are battling breast cancer and winning the battle. Pink provides encouragement for those fighting and allows the world to see we are supporting our fellow women thankyou for doing this. (42 D in honor of my friend)

  • Jamie

    Cancer is such a terrible thing. My aunt has bhad breast cancer for 6 years now and is still fighting. She is such an inspiration to me. My husband and I have been trying for a child for 3 years and have had 3 miscarriages and no child yet. Whenever I am feeling down, it helps me to remember those with cancer and all that they have to endure. It makes it easier to get through the tough times knowing how strong these people are.

    • Jamie

      forgot the size…42D

  • Pink represents my sister-in-law Christine, and me. Christine was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 37. She found the lump herself, and had it checked out. The doctor wanted to wait and recheck in a year. Christine insisted the lump be biopsied and it was malignant. Christine had almost half her breast removed. Had she waited she wouldn’t have lasted the year. I found a lump when I was 40. I had the lump removed and it was benign. For me pink represents being proactive. Both Christine and I were young, and had we not been proactive about our breasts we may not be here today. Size 42D please.

  • Irene Gonzalez

    38D The color pink to me means the will to fight and those that have fought and won or lost their battle with cancer. The fight goes on and pink will prevail ” Pink is WINNING!!!!”

  • Shannon F.

    Pink means so much to me. It is bright, cheerful, sassy, a little sexy, womanly, full of life, full of hope, full of memories, and full of happiness! My fiance lost his mother at a young age to breast cancer, and earlier this year also lost his grandmother. The pink ribbon embodies all that the color pink means to me, but in addition, serves as a reminder to hug my self and my loved ones a bit longer….a reminder to take care of and stand vigilant when it comes to myself, my loved ones, and now my future children.

  • Deana Coons

    Pink means happiness and joy, pink is a color of women’s strength. (42D)

  • Stacy Davis

    Pink to me is the epitome of Breast Cancer Awareness. Yes it does it affects men as well, but the MAJORITY are women. What color does everyone associate with girls/women….Pink! I only wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness & support. I even encourage all my guy friends to wear pink at least during the month of October.

    This disease hits close to home as I lost one Aunt to breast cancer. Her sister, my other Aunt also had it, but she IS a SURVIVOR! Unfortunately the Aunt that succumbed to it I had gotten really close to right before she passed. I was only 12. I think of her everyday and especially when I look at a doll she had made that she left to me at her passing. I have now had this doll for 20years.

    I am size 42D. I am a breast cancer awareness advocate.

  • Maritza Mora

    Pink to me represents femininity, soft & sweet. It also represents flowers, a pink carnation means “I will never forget you!” As, we should never forget those suffering and battling with breast cancer. Hopefully, everyone is wearing their pink this month to raise awareness and support.

    size 38D please.

  • Marlene Wiker

    My mother had breast cancer many years ago before there was so much awareness of this disease…wish she could have lived when so much more could have been done…I have several surviving friends and I thank God for the breakthroughs that have given them a second chance at life, CANCER FREE

    a size 38D would be perfect

  • rachel burke

    pink means hope 38 D

  • Rose Powell

    38D would be great

  • Whenever I see pink, I am reminded of every woman’s struggles and battles with breast cancer. Breast cancer is a woman’s worst nightmare. I myself had a scare in 2000. I was 23 years old. I remember going in for a mammogram, (the scariest thing I have ever done in my life). Every thought running through my head was sheer panic and horror. So now when I see the color pink, or happen upon any little thing that supports breast cancer awareness, I am all over it. We need to find a cure and help and support in any way is desperately needed and greatly appreciated, especially those affected by breast cancer. The color pink makes me think of will, bravery, the courage to fight, and a sign to all of us to push forward to find a cure. These women who are affected are mothers, daughters, grandmothers, cousins. But we are all sisters… and we need to look out for our sisters.

  • Kathy

    42D – Pink is for my friend that has been fighting breast cancer for a over a year now! Sheis a strong, proud woman! Mother, wife and friend! The chemo, radiation, pills, surgery and still keeps a smile on her face! We all love you Charlie!!

  • Since 2005 I have been working on the inner me by going to college and getting a degree But in 2009 TRAGEDY happend and my sister 38 yrs old died, which made it very difficult to continue since we was very close. They did a biopsy and no reason was determined for her death. However, it made me take a long look at her life and then a look at mine. I kept thinking of how much she impacted my life, I had never known life without her. So after a deep examination of life I realized I had to finish college, so I worked harder than ever before. I hardly ever missed a day and it was time for finals and BOOM I get in a car accident, bulged disks and whip lash and all I went strait from the hospital to the exam. I didn’t feel like it but I had a mission. I must move forward! I aced the exam but I had a whole new set of obstacles to overcome my health. This was going to be a real challenge college and recovery. Despite these obstacles I graduated with honors. But the accident and my sisters death has given me an insight to see I had to take control and my health was important, since graduation I have lost fifty pounds and my bra’s are to big and my breast to be lifted like my heart and a Cacique 38 D would be the reflection of my new life!

  • The color pink represents the fight for a cure for breast cancer, it’s a delicate and feminine way to show ur support in the fight.
    42 D

  • Jessica Gratz

    Pink to me means strength, courage and love.


  • 42D
    A dear friend of mine is a breast cancer survivor. The strength and faith she exhibited during her journey was so awe inspiring. It is my passion to bring awarenes to ALL cancers as it is not a picky disease. love and prayers to all of our warriors out there!

  • Carla Bachelor

    I currently have two breast cancer tattoos. I love what the pink ribbon means. I support anything in my community when it comes to research for a cure. I am a nurse and wear a pink ribbon pin on my name tag. When asked why I wear it, I simply say that I support breast cancer research. I have several co-workers that are now in support just by listening to me talk about it all the time. I have not been personally affected by breast cancer, but have many patients that have. Having this dreadful disease is heart wrenching. Even if someone survives, they have lost a part of themselves. 38D for me.

  • Francine Sanchez

    I would rock this pink bra for my grandma who just turned 72 .she has been battling parkinson for over 5 years and recently has started a battle with breast cancer .i would go to hell and back just to take her pain would be an honor to wear this in honor of her beauty and strength.she is my inspiration for life

  • 44DD—–what it means to me is all about family n friends that have lost to breast cancer..seeing them suffer before they lost their lives to cancer was heartbreaking an not being able to do anything to help them but comfort them w/hugs n kisses n support….lets all be aware of this aweful diease n fight back everyone wear the pink ribbon to get involved…

  • Francine Sanchez

    *42 D

  • Jennifer Penn

    40D Pink to me means that you are strong, vibrant, passionate, and loving. It means that you can be strong no matter what comes around. Its associated most with breast cancer. Those women who have breast cancer have to be the strongest women I have ever seen like my Aunt Wendy who had breast cancer. She just keeps going no matter what. She has 2 children and she is one of the strongest women that I know. So Pink reminds me of her. The strongest woman I have ever known.

    • Jennifer Penn

      its a 38D…wrote wrong size sorry! 🙁

  • Angela C

    Pink means something sweet, young, pretty. Pink can also mean cancer, battle, survivor.
    The color pink is what connects us all. It is love, compasion, strength, and hope.

  • Anita

    Pink is powerful… Straight from the heart and passionate…Never backs down…Keeps fighting for what we believe in…Headstrong yet compassionate…Willing to put up with a lot for little in return…Proud to be a strong woman!!! Having lost friends and family from breast or other forms of cancer I embrace every day like it could be my last, never forgetting to tell those that I care so much about just how important they are to me… Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day! That is what pink means to me! ~Anita 42D

  • Lisa Lennihan

    42d pink to me means courage and strength by watching my god mother fight this disease until her last breath she was my hero and my inspiration

  • Lisa Lennihan

    Also tweeted

  • Crystal Andexler

    PINK!!! I think of PINK and I think of women of all ages. The little girls who walk around in their Mommas PINK high heeled shoes (as I did and so does my beautiful daughter). The Tween who doesn’t quite understand her body and the changes happening, but that PINK lip-gloss is now her favorite accessory. The 17 year old little lady who is slipping on her bright PINK sequined dress getting ready for her first Prom and the PINK cheeks that go along with her excitement and nervousness. The 25 year young lady that pulls into the driveway with her new PINK Beetle she has just proudly purchased on her own. The 35 year old lady who know enters the Dr.’s office for the first time wearing her PINK high heels, PINK lipstick having her first Mammogram and is told she has Breast Cancer…The 45 year YOUNG lady who has overcome the diagnosis 10 years ago with HOPE, STRENGTH, COURAGE and PRAYER. A SURVIVOR! Who proudly wears her PINK ribbon upon her PINK shirt, with her PINK heels driving her new PINK Beetle in the SURVIVOR parade!


    Crystal Andexler

  • amy smith

    Pink means femininity and strength.It’s so symbolic of love and Passion. Pink can be soothing or it can turn up the heat. Size 42D and proud!!

  • Carrie

    Pink is usually a “girly” thing but real men can wear pink too. I love the month of October because of the temps, the fall colors, the fact that as a thick chick I can wear jeans and sweaters in comfort. But I also love the fact that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and everything is PINK!! Products in the store, NFL teams attire, etc… its strength in numbers – support, bonds, caring. So when I see pink I immediately think STRENGTH!

  • Suzy R

    What does the color pink mean to me or represent? Pink is the color of everything feminine, innocent, calming, charming, and hopeful. My bedroom walls growing up were painted the very shade of pink as this bra — what a happy, innocent, hopeful time in life. And here I am, 40, maybe 45 years later, having received my cancer diagnosis just this past Monday, October 3, 2011 trying to figure out “now what” and “what next” and “Whoa! What?” And I see pink and breathe deep… Actually, I’m an emotional basket case. It’s only been 3 days — but pink is the one constant, the symbol that is always there, never changing, showing me the way, reminding me I am not in this alone and reminding me that Hope is always there… 🙂

    • Suzy R

      oh and 38D

  • Lisa Cory

    The color pink represents hope to me. I think of friends and family when I wear it, those who have won the battle and those who list. I would like to win the 42D.

  • Christy

    My life has been touched in many ways by breast cancer. I have coworkers and friends who fought the good fight but sadly lost their battle, who have fought and now reign victorious, and still others who are in the midst of their battle. The fire and the tenacity in all of these women is remarkable. I am thankful for them and for their journey. I know that I will have an amazing support system if I am ever directly affected by this disease myself. To me pink symbolizes strength, courage, hope, drive, power, passion, life, love and compassion.

    (sz. 42B)

  • ellen tinder

    pink is for hope! i lost my mother in-law to breast cancer & a dear friend lost her mother to cancer last year.hope and pray we can find a cure for this dreadful disease before it takes more beautiful ladies! size 42D please

  • Rhonda Hughes

    Pink to me means All Girl! My mother died from ovarian cancer in 1996. She was my best friend, and she was the most feminine creature on the planet! She was a powererful woman, yet her role wasnt feminist! She was feminine, and she taught me how to be a lady in all situations. I love being a woman because of her! Thanks mom!
    Size 38D

  • Jaime Ramsey

    Pink has always made me think of youth and inocence. There is nothing sweeter than a new born baby with her tiny pink socks, or a giddy 4 year old when she gets to wear her pink tutu to dance class. Pink is in my life on a daily basis. My beautiful 2 year old daughter is slowly learning her colors but she has mastered pink. 😉 38D

  • Bonnie Robbins

    When I see pink, especially this time of year, I naturally think of breast cancer victims and survivors. It is especially touching to me to see men wear pink. Wearing pink no only shows support in finding treatments, and someday a cure, for this disease, but it is also a symbol of honor. The fact that we honor those who have fought and won, and those that have fought and lost, the battle with breast cancer. In lots of ways, honoring those courageous people is as important as supporting a cure.

  • Frances Branham

    40 C – The color pink means hope, it give us a smile when we see that color, but it is a serious color for breast cancer. It give us hope that one day there will be a cure, that one day our daughters & sons don’t have to go through what so many has already. The color pink also cheers us up. It has been proven to brighten the saddest person day up by just looking at it. I pray that it works that miracle for everyone who is going through this, not only the cancer victims, but also the loved ones who are there for them. Many think that this is just for women, it isn’t, it also happens to men also. My prayers is for everyone!!

  • Amy S.

    I wear a 42D. I love pink! It’s feminine & soft but can also have an edge!


    42D and pink means to me to be more aware of my breasts and more considerate to those who suffer from all kinds of cancer not just breast cancer.

  • ‘Pink Candy’ 1 in size 38D and 1 in size 42D

  • Angela Goerndt

    42D. Pink is an awesome color to represent breast cancer awareness. It’s all about amazing women. We are Powerful, Independent, we have No fear, and we can even be a little Kinky. I am proud to wear pink!

  • Jenn A.

    The color pink stands for femininity to me. Not only for lace, frills, care, and sensitivity, but also for strength, courage, and the willingness to fight against all odds. Pink is the color for all women, especially for the strong. As Betty White said, “Why do people say ‘Grow some balls’? Balls are weak and sensitive! If you really wanna get tough, grow a vagina! Those things take a pounding!” -Betty White. 42D

  • i would love to win a pink bra, because i support breast cancer awareness, every october here in rhode island we have a colombus day festival and there is a vendor who sells everythink pink for breast cancer, so any item you buy goes directly to to breast cancer research ans support. it’s great!!!!!<3 🙂

    • oh i almost forgot to leave my bra size it’s 42D , thank you!

  • debra kind

    If I win. I will need a size 38D. The color pink means “defiant woman” to me. Pink is a beautiful color & deserves all the recogniton it has recvd for being the designated color for the “breast cancer theme”.

  • Mandy Z

    My grandmother had both of her breasts removed because of breast cancer. She is so strong and healthy right now. She kicked cancers ass! GO GRANDMA ROSE!!!!


  • Shannon F.

    I tweeted the giveaway!!

  • Caroline

    Pink represents the collective effort to fight breast cancer around the world. (42D)

  • Imelda

    I love that the color pink is the color of breast cancer awareness because what other color represents women and their boobies? Also I had a cousin who died because of breast cancer and her favorite color was PINK. When I think of pink I think of my cousin Vicky. I wear a 42 D also :).

  • Kim Shaver


    Pink is a color that represents springtime to me.

  • Venus Hinds

    When I think pink, I think feminine. All lace and frills. I think of a warm summer day with pink toenails in flip flops and curls in your hair. But at the same time, when I think pink, I think of strong beautiful women. Women who’ve endured pain, hardship, and heartache. Women who fought for life. Some who lost, few who won, and those who are still fighting. Pink is a symbol of hope. It let’s us know that there are those who are working hard to find a cure. Those who will not give up until no one, woman or man, suffers from this fatal disease. I have hope! Even though I often complain about my voluptous figure, I wouldn’t give it up for the world. At the age of 23, I found a lump, and had my first mammogram. It turned out to be binign. Thank God! I show my support. I wear pink offten, and buy “Hope” products when I can. I stand next to every woman with pride and fight along side them. Thank you for this opportunity to share my story and express myself. Hope. Together we will find a cure.
    V. Hinds (38D)

  • amanda

    pink always makes me think of my mom….a survivor and my granny who lost her battle…38 d for me….plz

  • magan bellflower

    Pink means alot to me.Not only does it mean lot along the lines of it my daughters fav. color it represets all who have suffured from really any type of cancer. My daughter was never supose to make it. Doctors told us that I would not be able to carry her and then she was a premmie and had emergency surgery.
    Now My Aunt Had breast cancer. She is a insparation for me because she didnt let that stop her life. Also my grandmother who suffered from lung cancer and beat it. Last but not least my uncle who also had lung cancer but passed away from it.
    I am an advocate for anything that will help ANY type of cancer… LOL… I have a magnet on the back of my car that says” Bad-ass Ta-ta’s Save the Ta-ta’s”…..(42d)

  • MissMonky

    I associate pink with being feminine. I think that’s why it’s such a perfect color for breast cancer awareness. We see our sisters, mothers, best friends go through something that attacks the very core of femininity and somehow this reminds us and them that they are still beautiful amazing women. I love it. (42d)

  • Pink symbolizes strength and courage! Breast cancer not affects woman, it can happen to men also. We have to continue to stress the importance of mammograms and self-examination, to help fight this awful disease. By wearing pink, I am standing against cancer, I am telling breast cancer that it will destroy one less life! My cousin fought the most courageous battle with cancer, which began in her breast. During her life, she suppirted this fight! She attended my walks and the color pink helped give her strength! Pink inspires all to fight, to live, and to have courage during their battle! Pink all gives comfort to all fanily’s and friends affected by breat cancer! By coming together and proudly wraring pink, wr will find a cure!

  • jennifer Constable

    I can honestly say I am not a fan of Pink. I rarely wear it and to me it is a very female color that represents a girly innocence. It is very feminine. As I got older, I began to embrace those ideas that add to being female and realized that the things that make use Girly are those that are the most powerful for the female spirit. I never considered myself manly, I love make up, but being heavier I always stuck with more of a rocker chick vibe and a harder edge to sexy in my “youth”. Now I still love my boots and Leather but adding a great pink tank top or a great pair of pink shoes helps me feel more empowered than just one dimensional and being stuck in a stereotype. I can multi-task and now I can multi- task my fashion as well. size 42D

  • Tammy Warrell

    Pink is my favorite color. It has been for a long time. It is my way of setting myself apart from the guys. Luckily I have a husband who doesn’t mind if I decorate the entire house in pink! He’s a good sport. I am drawn to the color pink. When we go shopping my husband will be looking around for me because I have dashed down some aisle that has something pink. The fact that it is used in breast cancer awareness programs, is awesome in my opinion. My favorite time to watch football is the month of October because the NFL players are wearing pink.
    42D please!

  • my daughter is in serious need of some good made bras, shes 24 and likes underwire and always buys the cheap ones,and in a few weeks it worn out, i keep telling her to buy better ones from u, but if she got one for free she may actually see what shes missing in the right size and a truer fit, u might get her hooked as a new customer, thnx, horeshe wins…………..she wears 40c, and likes to have the perky look as most of us all do……….

  • Carli J-S

    The pink is not a color, it’s a lifestyle! Pink represents who I am entirely: fun, creative, spunky, and passionate.

  • Laura Lee LIghtsey

    This month and I hope always…when I see PINK…I remember those who have passed with Breast Cancer, those who are fighting for their life’s with Breast Cancer, those who fear Breast Cancer and those who have survived Breast Cancer. PINK means all of us as one praying, caring and hoping for each other and finding a cure so our daughters, mothers, and friends never have to worry about losing their life or Breast to Breast Cancer again…Pink means HOPE and we are ONE!

  • Pink represents femininity, Womanhood, Girls! It’s the color we use to separate the girls from the boys and distinguish ourselves! When you think of pink, you think of something beautiful and soft…like a woman.

    Wearing pink as a representation of breast cancer, shows the world that WE ARE STILL WOMEN. Even those that have had one or even both of their breasts taken by this horrible cancer. They are even more of a woman, having braved every treatment and operation. We wear pink to remember the women who fought and lost, we wear it to hope for the women that are still fighting, and we wear it to unite together AS WOMEN and fight for the cure of breast cancer!

  • Whoops…42D <3

  • Pink has always been my favorite color, long before it represented breast cancer. One of my best friends had breast cancer 19 yrs ago, and has been cancer free. Pink means beauty, feminity, and fight! 42 D

  • Stephenie Philipsen

    When ever i see pink i think breast cancer awareness I think of courage strength and victory I also think of all the women who lost their battles with cancer and feel honored to wear pink to support the cause and to spread the word to all those who will listen!!!

    and i think its awesome that the bra is in my size~!~ 38D so happy that its made in my size!!!!!

  • Chris

    Pink means that you are strong and you’ll never forget the ones who have been lost to this disease.


  • Tiffany Jensen

    Pink represents grace, happiness, admiration, gentleness, feminity, strength, and love.

  • amber croka

    42D. Pink to me means passion, for those fighting, and those who are fighting with their loved ones. You need passion to bring you through.

  • Maribel Guzman

    The color pink means happy memories, good friends and joyfull moments. I love the color pink!
    Size 40C

  • Stephanie B

    40 C

    Pink represents empowerment. It reminds me that women will band together to ensure their survival. We will overcome, and we will move forward.

  • autumn

    I think the color pink means feminine and courage. The two things that make up a woman. 38d

  • Good Day,
    Wearing a beautiful bra makes a woman feel like a queen and the color makes it just that much more sexier. My bra size is hard to find and when it comes to fabric choices is even more of a challenge.
    The color pink to me brings confidence and sexy; oh and its a favorite color of mine.

    Bra size 40 f

  • Danette Schrock

    Pink means passion for something you believe in. Caring to make a difference. It’s bold and it’s powerful and it says I’m not afraid. You can wear pink proudly and know that everyone that sees you knows that your doing something to fight for a cause. It’s a color that stands out and grabs people’s attention. It’s a universal color that everyone knows. 42D

  • Pink is just girly and fun. We have to remember to be strong and powerful women but at the same time its ok to just be a lady and be happy about it. to be proud of it.

    thanks 😀

  • Michelle Bovee

    I think Steven Tyler from Aerosmith sang it best: Pink it’s the color of passion
    ‘Cause today it just goes with the fashion!!


  • Sasha

    Pink = love, hope, strength, courage, scared. Pink took on a whole new meaning to me after my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a 2 yr survivor (and I thank GOD everyday for her) Pink is for the survivors, the ones fighting the battle, and the ones who have lost the battle. Pink is knowing a cure will be found. Pink is for the moms, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, nieces, and even for the men out there (as men get breast cancer also).Pink is for me. Pink is for you.


  • Sherry Hutson

    For me, pink means girls, and it’s been that way ever since my daughter was born. After years of raising 2 boys (and a husband), and doing their predominately blue and gray laundry, I finally had a little girl. Suddenly our laundry had a whole new appearance. Besides being full of cloth diapers and baby towels, we had an abundance of PINK! I never was one to wear pink as a child or young adult, but now I wear pink as something I share with my daughter. We wear pink to celebrate that we are women.

    • Sherry Hutson


  • jamie heustess

    Would love the 42D! When I see pink, I think girly, delicate yet bold enough to say “HEY! Look at ME!”… I think of a little reminder of our capacity to love and feel compassion for our fellow worldly inhabitants…I think a cheerful spot of sunshine that is just waiting to make someone smile…

  • Mindy Gilmer

    Pink used to be just a girly color for me. Then I lost my Aunt Nova to breast cancer. Before that my Nana had lost one of her breasts, and after that, she lost the other. My Nana is a strong fighter and she kicked cancer’s ass. Now Pink is a color that represents women helping women. Too often women rip each other apart because of jealousy over men, jobs, material things, etc. When I see pink I think there is hope for women to be strong together and help each other get through tough times, and put aside whatever petty differences might exist.


    Mindy =)

  • Debra Simning-Chapman

    Pink always brings to mind my sister-in-law Paula. She just celebrated her 10 year anniversaary with breast cancer. She has been fighting with strength and beauty since the day she was told the news. Pink is for Paula!

  • Jody Dietz

    The color Pink is the color that represents the qualities that unifies all women, from all walks of life who are in the fight against breast cancer. It is a color of beauty, strength and unity.

  • Jody Dietz

    The color Pink is the color that represents the qualities that unifies all women, from all walks of life who are in the fight against breast cancer. It is a color of beauty, strength and unity. Size 42D

  • Nicole fletcher

    Well I would love to tell my size but I took after my mother before she got breast cancer. Which should tell you what it means to me. the dreaded “pink cancer” tried to take the strongest woman I know but it honestly didn’t know who it was dealing with. Well I know I won’t get a bra out of this since im out of your offered size range but I just thought someone should know how strong and wonderful mother I have. But it’s hard to find a good bra in a size 44DDD. But thank you for the opportunity to make my mother blush. And for letting everyone know that that shouldn’t

  • Tatiana

    My Aunt was just diagnosed with breast cancer and it was kind of a rude awakening because I seriously never thought cancer would ever enter our (by the grace of God!!) healthy family. I am happy to say that my Aunt underwent surgery and is doing better. We are all hoping and praying for a speedy recovery. The color “pink” now represents to me a whole new different feeling and emotion. I will wear the pink colored Cacique bra (size 38D) proudly and it will remind to continue to hope & pray for a cure. Thank you.

  • julie m

    42D Not only is pink a great color…but it represents hope for a cure!

  • 42 D

    Pink is a color that symbolizes a group of people standing together and fighting for something that needs to be completely out and defeated. As a woman who has many in her life fighting cancer if we find the cure for one then hope is out there for others.

  • Belinda Pearson

    I would like a size 44D please……What the color pink means to me is, it stands good for all of the brave and courage women who have survived breast cancer and also those who fought the good fight but unfortunately lost in the end and left behind loved ones who cherished them very much. My heart goes out to all of those brave women who have endured this horrible disease, those who are still with us and those who have gone on.


  • Ruth Challoner

    The color pink represents to me the power for women, women are superior and can do anything and achieve anything they put their mind to. 42c bra size

  • Cassandra Mills

    Pink is a representation of Courage and Optimism . Courageous women and men who have had to endure the hardships and death of cancer . Optimistic that a cure will one be found.

  • Cassandra Mills

    Sorry, I forget to leave the bra size, 38D

  • terry montanez

    i am a 38d i hope to win a bra
    i love pink because pink is powerful color
    i have fibrocystic breast and have have had 3 biospy all begnign

  • 42 D: Pink represents power in the face of adversity and happiness in the face of dispair.

  • dacia dale

    38 D pink represents femininity it also symbolizes hope.

  • dacia dale

    i tweeted my username is @blondale

  • Size 38D….the color pink represents all the beautiful women in this world that have or are fightin breast cancer. It means a war that has been won…or an unfortunate life that has b taken too early. Awareness that this deadly sickness does exist and to make sure u get ur breast exams.

  • Stephanie Vining

    38D and I think the color pink represents beauty and strength and the will to live life to the fullest.

  • Monique Rizzo

    To me Pink means feminine and soft.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • kim c
  • kim c

    When I see pink I think of my friend Cindy and how strong she was through her fight with breast cancer. She was diagnosed right after she moved to another state. She was alone through most of the fight and I was so happy when she connected with the Susan G. Komen ladies. She is a survivor and she is who I think of when I see the color pink.

    The 42D would fit me perfectly!

  • Wayne Dougherty

    My wife would love this. She is 36D

  • Diane Baum

    Pink means hope and cure-Sadly, too many women in both my family and my husband’s family have been touched by breast cancer. Including, both of our mothers, aunts, grandmothers… Each month I do my self exam and pray that this month will be the month of “pink hope” when they discover a cure!

  • I’d like the 42D. Pink is inspirational – my grandmother beat breast cancer, so I love to see all the brands and companies promoting pink and supporting the Susan G. Komen foundation.

  • Claire McKeon

    Pink is clean. Pink is health. Pink is HOPE! Pink is girl power and dreams and cotton candy. Pink is happiness. Pink reminds us daily, that we are warriors that will defeat this terrible disease one day. Pink is HOPE!


    mosaic317 at gmail dot com

  • Claire McKeon

    Tweeted as mosaic317

  • Pauline M

    The 38D and the pink for October is always breast cancer awareness. I have four aunts who have had to deal with this so it’s an issue close to my heart!

  • Pauline M
  • Sand

    I’d like the 38D and it represents breast cancer awareness.

  • Brittney House

    38 D would be great and as a breast cancer survivor, pink means life and survival.

  • Brittney House
  • susan smoaks

    i would like the 42d and pink means hope to me!

  • susan smoaks