The Body Beautiful App for iPhone

You all know how much I believe in loving the skin you’re in. Now…yes, wait for it…there’s an app for that (I had to say it). The Body Beautiful iPhone app is now available for only 99¢. That’ s less than $1 to remind you on a daily basis how beautiful you are.

Designed to promote positive body image and self-esteem among women and girls, this app makes me want to ditch my Blackberry.

“Body Beautiful helps you love and appreciate your body and give it the respect it deserves!”

The app actually offers quite a few features:

  •  “Truth” section includes a growing collection of quotes about true beauty and body-image from celebrities, authors, athletes, and popular songs and movies. Shake your iPhone to change quotes. A “truth” a day keeps negative body image away!
  •  “Photo-Stamp” feature lets you imprint encouraging messages on a photo of yourself or a friend and share via email and social media.
  •  “Pledge” section lets you share the Body Beautiful pledge via email and Facebook and join the fight against the media’s standard of beauty, end “fat-talk”, and love your body.
  •  “Buzz” section streams relevant media articles and news stories that promote healthy body image and expose false cultural ideals about beauty.
  •  “Extras” include: Links to organizations, resources and videos to inspire and equip you on your Body Beautiful journey. Customizable preferences include ability to put a personal picture on the home screen.

iPhone Lovers you can download the app here

  • Cid

    Cute idea, but I don’t need an app. I just tell my self every day I am beautiful! Helps to hear it from my boo too!

    • Monique Frausto

      That’s true…but you can share those beautiful words with me via Twitter or Facebook!! :))