Curvy Girls on T.V.

This last year in the “plus-size” fashion world has been crazy. We’ve been getting the most coverage I’ve ever seen. Even so, mainstream America still has no idea about what this world is like.

Yes, there was the cable mini-series Big Sexy on TLC. It definitely caused a stir. But that’s it…or is it? Tonight, Curvy Girls premiered on NuvoTV. The new show features models Denise Bidot, Lorna Litz, Rosie Mercado, and Victoria Castillo.

Curvy Girls provides an all-access pass inside the glamorous world of professional modeling by shining the spotlight on four working plus-size Latina models whose passion and pride fuel their drive to achieve fame, fortune and fabulousness. But secret battles with insecurity, eating disorders, family fiascos and rocky romantic relationships threaten to singe their competitive spirit as they navigate through L.A.’s fast lane of auditions, photo shoots and fierce competition.

I personally know Denise and Rosie, and couldn’t be happier to see these two featured on this show. They are amazingly wonderful and sweet women. I’ve spent enough time with both of them to know that they are both fighters and hard workers. Both are great moms and beautiful on the inside and out.

As I watched tonight, I listened to all of these women reveal their personal struggles and couldn’t help but feel for them. They may be physically beautiful, but they hate their boobs or think they aren’t perfect enough. In other words, body-image issues don’t stop at just us.

We even get an inside look on the dreaded modeling standards and how they effect if and how much these ladies actually work. There were a “few” scenes that I’m not very happy about or impressed with, but that’s just television…I guess.

They always need to add drama to the show (via editing). So, enters the mean-spitired people, cattiness, jealousy, and an almost fight. Mannnnn…some people can be so ugly on the inside. I guess the plus size modeling industry is a lot like the straight-size modeling world. This documentary really got me thinking…

Did you watch Curvy Girls?

What did you think?

Models…is this a proper representation of your world?




  • Moe

    I’m disappointed I don’t get this one. It is probably too much wishing another network will pick it up.

  • I wish I got it! I’ve never even heard of that channel. Hopefully I’ll be able to find it online to watch somewhere. I haven’t even been able to find the 3rd episode of Big Sexy anywhere to watch, I enjoyed the first two and hope it will become a regular series. There needs to be more shows like these out there!


    ughh please tell me i cant watch this online somewhere