Shoe Fever: Zebra Print

Always inspired by shopping and my good friend Ivory, I had to feature a few pairs of zebra print shoes. It goes a little something like this…

There we were in Soho shopping at Topshop, with Ivory on the hunt for a “must have” pair of platforms she saw online, but were sold out in her size.

Sadly, when she found them, they didn’t have her size. She was a sad shopper. I will admit that shoe is pretty hot. I picked them up and started imagining the ways I would wear them. But, then I realized Ivory would kill me if I bought them before her and they were out of my price range anyways. Besides, all I heard for the rest of the trip was how much she wanted them.

Don’t worry, days later the shoe was restocked in her size online and she snagged the last pair. Now, she’s a happy camper and all I can do is wish those shoes were mine. Instead here are a few for your own Shoe Fever inspiration.