Chaotic 4 Men: Ralph Lauren Big&Tall

When it comes to classic American fashion, you can’t help but think of Ralph Lauren. Whenever I do a search online for Big&Tall clothing,  his line always pops up. Yet, I don’t know many guys actually wearing it. Why not? This line carries essential pieces that can be worked into your wardrobe. This is great for you guys who hate shopping. This means less shopping, because you already have what you need!

Their sizes range from 1X-6X and L-4L. Their shirts come in so many different colors too. Yes, RL is more expensive than going to some place like Old Navy, but the quality of the clothing is a lot better. This means durability and longevity in your clothing. I’m picking a few pieces out my hubby now.

Are you a fan of Ralph Lauren’s Big&Tall collection? 

  • Kelly


    Love this post, my partner is a bigger boy and we live in Australia, and its hopeless trying to find half decent stuff for him to wear, I would go as far as saying it upsets him, but we are coming to US in 4 weeks, you wouldnt be able to give me the heads up on good places to shop for a bigger male?

    Thanks Heaps!!!

    • Monique Frausto

      Thank you Kelly! I would try any of the major department stores, they usually have Big&Tall departments. Also, try Casual Male.