Win! Playtex 18 Hour Bra Review & Giveaway

I’ve said it many times before on this blog, but I’m always looking for a comfortable wireless bra. I get so irritated when a wire starts poking me! And because I am larger in the chest, finding a wireless bra that will actually support me and offer full coverage can be difficult.

That’s why I literally jumped at the chance to review Playtex’s 18 Hour bra. They sent me the Ultimate Lift and Support bra and their Seamless Smoothing bra. I know us large chested women are skeptical when it comes to support. That’s what you have me for. Here’s how I felt about each bra.

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Playtex 18 Hour Ultimate Lift and Support Style 4745

I was sent the Ultimate Lift and Support bra in nude.

First of all, yay! for the comfort strap. There’s nothing worse than a bra strap that digs into you. I know some of you want to look cute, but there’s no need for the pain. The strap is wide and thick enough to help relieve any shoulder pressure. They stay in place too.

As for the shaping, the bra does give you the natural shaping of your breast and there’s no wire poking! Woohoo! I accidentally fell asleep with it on the other day, and it didn’t bother me one bit.

Now, I could always use more lift, but this is one of the best wireless bras that’s I’ve tried.

Playtex 18 Hour Seamless Smoothing Style 4049

Out of the two bras, the Seamless Smoothing style is my favorite. It was also sent to me in nude.

I liked the shape this bra gave my chest. It gave me a smooth and natural look under my clothes. Which, I think would make a great t-shirt bra.

It has wide side straps to offer the much desired back and side smoothing. To be honest, I didn’t see my fat disappear, but there was some smoothing.

This bra also offers the wide and cushioned straps for shoulder comfort. And I noticed that their “No-Slip” straps do stay in place. I’d buy this bra for the straps alone.

Both bras are in my top five of wireless bras!

Would you like to try a Playtex bra of your own? 

Playtex is giving 15 of my readers a free bra!! 

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Disclosure: This is not a paid post. The bras were courtesy of All You and Playtex. The above is my true and honest opinion.
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  • I would love to win a Playtex bra!

  • LaWanda S

    I don’t like when the wires poke through and come out of one cup!

  • My biggest bra pet peeve is wires poking! Ouch!

    I am following you via twitter.

  • I tweeted “#Playtex & @CurvesandChaos are giving away 15 bras! Enter now“!

  • Stephanie Mago-Eagle

    My biggest bra pet peeve!is the straps fall,the cup size is wrong, under wire pokes & the bra is just all wrong.

  • LaWanda S

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  • LaWanda S

    tweeted about contest (Conichka6)

  • Marceisha

    My Biggest biggest bra pet peeve is when the bra staps twist and leave marks on my skin and also when the bra doesnt hold and feel comfortable.

  • Asia Blair

    My biggest pet peeve about a bra is when the straps keep falling down. It be so ingnoring. Allso I hate when the cups get to big.

  • Asia Blair

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    my twitter name is :thicknlovely252

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  • Cort Panzi

    Biggest pet peeve is when I bend over & my boob falls outta the bra!

  • Maria

    Following via GFC. My bra pet peeve is finding the right size, & comfort. There either too small, or too big. The straps fall off, its the worst shopping experience trying to find a good bra.

  • Maria

    I follow on Twitter @Coffeelovergram and tweeted:!/Coffeelovergram/status/105799294761697280

  • My biggest bra pet peave is a uncomfortable weird fit. A fit that may say 38B on the bra tag but really looks like a 34 A. I like comfort, and I like to look like my bra size **BLUSH, wow, am I really having this conversation online?**

    I am now following @CurvesandChaos on Twitter
    I will now: Tweet ” #Playtex & @CurvesandChaos are giving away 15 bras! Enter now

  • My biggest bra pet peeve is when my bra straps dig into my shoulders.

  • angela

    I have a large chest and must wear a bra without underwires to visit a loved one in prison. Every single one I have tried makes my boobs sag and that is no fun to see in photos. I NEED a real one that works well. On the other hand, wired bras can really be uncomfortable, especially if it breaks and becomes pokey.

  • TZel

    I just plain hate the fact that my bras don’t “hold up” like they should!

  • Monica Young

    Follow on google.
    The worst is when the strap shows. I want good support too

  • Monica Young

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  • Patricia

    I follow you on GFC! My biggest pet peeve is the straps falling off my shoulder.

  • Patricia

    I Follow @CurvesandChaos on Twitter

  • Patricia
  • Leni

    I don’t like when the cups don’t have full coverage when it is supposed to. Don’t like it when the straps aren’t comfortable and the material is rubbing against your skin in an uncomfortable way.
    GFC follower

  • Sharon Rooney

    I hate when a bra is new and it rubs, I also hate that the fit can vary from style to style, sometimes in the same style in a different color .


  • Sharon Rooney

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  • Sharon Rooney
  • Julie L

    follow blog as jelaws5
    hate it when I have cleavage bulge-

  • Krystal

    I hate hate hate hate when the straps fall.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I have several bra pet peeves… but I think lately is the fact that with wired bras, it is “supposed” to be flat against your chest where the wires come together in the center, and this is never the case for me! I don’t know if that’s different for bigger sizes (I recently tried a completely different size to see if this alleviated it) and it didn’t seem to help much. I’m also totally annoyed with the “wire poking” of underwire bras, but I guess that’s just something you have to deal with if you want more support. Oh the joys of being a woman! Haha

  • Donna C

    I’m a google follower. My biggest bra pet peeve is when the wires dig in! I’d love to be able to go a full day without boob pain!

  • Donna C

    I am now a twitter follower (donna_cairns)

  • Donna C
  • Tiffany

    one of my bra pet peeves is when the bra is too rigid and won’t adapt or hug my curves, I move a lot and need a bra to move with me!!!

  • Tiffany

    following on twitter @misstcb2u
    tweeted also!!

  • Ugh! Bras – if I could I wouldn’t wear them (yeah right DDD’s don’t stand on their own very well) I love the fit of wired bras but when the wire breaks it is painful and irritating. Bras my size aren’t found cheap and when they break it is just a waste.

  • I follow on Twitter @kendrickkorner

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  • I follow you on Google Connect and I think the wires poking me drive me crazy!! It’s hard to find a nice bra that fit my curves.

  • I follow @CurvesandChaos on twitter. @ahorrosconcupon

  • Donna B.

    I hate when the underwire breaks through the material 🙁 I also hate that there aren’t more front-hook bras in larger sizes, what’s up with that??

  • Donna B.

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  • Donna B.
  • Tina B

    At 46, my biggest pet peeve is finding a bra to hoist those babies up
    where they were before gravity took its toll!

    • Tina B

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      GFC follower: Tina Renee Barker

  • Tina B

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  • Tina B
  • Nicole

    I hate when the straps fall or there isn’t enough support. Or the cups are big enough, but just don’t fit right.