Style Trend: 1950’s Style with Dorothy Perkins

Ever since the television hit Mad Men came on the air, I’ve been eyeing all 1950’s fashion. Even Banana Republic has introduced a Mad Men inspired line. For a second, I’ll imagine I’m Christina Hendricks as Joan Harris.

I really want a dress now! And I can’t buy from Banana Republic, because they don’t carry my size. Then I remembered Dorothy Perkins carried a lot of 50’s style dresses and they have sizes up to a US 18.

Don’t you just love how the silhouette defines the waist and that flared skirt? Great for showing off those curves! They remind me of I Love Lucy! Ok, These dresses  might be shorter than the average lengths of dresses back then. Regardless, I’m still “madly” in love!

What do you think about 1950’s inspired dresses? 

  • What is great about each of these dresses is the trendy look in their simple designs. Nothing like sensual and simple all in one dress.

  • Oh wow, I just did a series of posts on Mad Men fashion for the curvy girl, but I overlooked this collection! Thanks for bringing it to light…there are some really fabulous dresses to covet! However…I see that they are in British sizes…which I believe equate to American sizes up to 16. Is that right? So sad that these silhouettes are perfect for curvier, plus-size women, but they aren’t available in our sizes. 🙁 But they sure are pretty!!!

  • Wow, the designs bring back simple classic elegant look. They are so beautiful, especially 3rd, 4th, 9th dress. Sad that there’s no Dorothy Perkins here. 🙁

    • Monique Frausto

      I think they ship internationally. :))

  • Love them, all of them! I NEED the red one!