Obsessed with Body Butter

CaciqueBody's You Butter Believe It

OK…I have this thing where I’m kind of anal about lotions that are not only thick and creamy, but actually moisturize. There’s nothing worse than putting on lotion and two seconds later your hands feel drier than than they did before you put it on! That’s my little lotion rant.

That’s why I’ve been really obsessed with body butters lately. If you haven’t tried a really good, rich and creamy body butter, then you’re dry skin is really missing out. It’s way better than a cream or lotion. It’s thicker, giving it a luxurious feel. I will warn you, most of them will not dry quickly, thus giving you that “greasy” feeling.  But, I kind of like that when I’m slathering it on.

If you haven’t figured it out, I love experimenting with different beauty products.

The two body butters I’m currently using are VS Fantasies Deep-Softening Body Butter in Sheer Love ($12) and CaciqueBody’s Citrusfresh You Butter Believe It ($20). One is my romantic and soft smelling go-to body butter, while the other is my energizing start the day kind.

Body Butters range in price and come in different scents. There are a ton of brands out there, including organic and natural. It really is up to you to try them out for yourself. My first experience was with Clinique’s Deep comfort body butter and that’s pretty much what got me where I am today.

Wait…I just saw something called “hair butter?” Oh snap! I have to check that out. In the meantime, take a peek at the few body butters I found below. Do you use any of them? What do you think?

Are you a body butter kind of girl?



  • I love body butter too. And right now I am waiting on a sample from the Body Shop of their new hair butter. My hair is so dry that I am really excited to try it.

  • Love body butter–far better than its water based cousin, lotion. The Body Shop’s body butters are amazing! They used to have a Soy body butter which I believe is discontinued now–it was simply THE best ~

  • I love body butter, I really need to actually buy some. I always test them out when I come across samples in stores but I never actually buy them for some silly reason. Plus my skin has been really dry this Summer.

    Thanks for posting so many body butter ideas, I will def look into them.


    • Monique Frausto

      I hope it helps! :))

  • Leigh

    I agree…..cream lotions don’t cut for me at all. I’m a …just say mature woman whose skin is dry due to that ummm….. pause that eventually comes in every woman’s life (if you’re blessed to live long enough). As a result, my skin sucks up whatever I put on it. I’ve tried different butters but my absolute favorite is from the Body Shop. I think their’s is one of the best on the market. Oh so emolient, creamy and very moisturizing! They now have the paraben free ones too! Fantastic!