I’m a fat fashion blogger

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Last month, I read about a super crazy amazing fashion blogger opportunity (which will remain anonymous).

The moment I saw it-I knew I had to be there. I felt like it was actually designed for me and my plans for this blog. So, I applied and haven’t heard anything in about a month. Today, I emailed for an update and turns out they are sold out. I’m not going to lie, my heart kind of sank.

To be clear, the people from that “opportunity” did reply back to my questions of their selection process and being the skeptical blogger I am, I don’t believe it for one second. I’ll spare you the excuses.

Of course, the first thought is…”Is it because I’m fat?” Or maybe they just don’t like me, my style, or the mission of my blog? I could be totally wrong. I guess, I’ll never know. And that’s fine. They can allow and invite whoever they want. It is their event, not mine.

Besides, I don’t blog for them. I blog for me and my love of fashion and shopping. I know I’m not perfect. No matter how much confidence and self-acceptance I have in who I am, there’s still a part of me that is very aware of the discrimination among the fashion blogging community as a whole.

But, I promise I will not be defeated. The minute my heart sank, it sprung right back up! Because, I reminded myself of some of the amazing opportunities within this plus size fashion community that I’ve been a part of. Opportunities, I wouldn’t trade for the world. In fact, I have one I was just told about the other day that had me dancing in my seat.  I appreciate it all. The support from our community has been overwhelming and it just keeps getting stronger. And that’s the way I like it.

Remember, I might be fat, but I LOVE fashion just as much as any other blogger in this room does.

  • You are an amazing person and fashion blogger, do not let any person or organization make you feel inferior, it’s their loss. <3

    • Monique Frausto

      Thank you so much Joanne! I don’t need them…I have all of you on my side. xoxo

  • Cid

    Girl your PHAT!! I know the feeling I’ve been turned or no chosen for many blogging events or opportunity EVEN by some with in the plus size blogging community. But your right we are blogging for us & love of fashion. No natter the size we are it’s the size of or hearts that matters. I know you have a big old fat heart that is very caring and supportive! Love you!!

    • Monique Frausto

      You just keep giving me reasons to love ya! LOL oh and make me laugh with my “big old fat heart” hahahaha love it!

  • I wish I had the confidence like you do

    • Monique Frausto

      You do have it. You just have to bring it out. :))

  • Jo

    It is so easy to forget why we got into blogging in the first place. You’re absolutely right, we blog for ourselves. To share the finds and events that we know we’ll excite us and our readers.

    Thanks for not letting other people’s ‘ish shake you!

    • Monique Frausto

      Thank you Jo!