Beauty Buzz & Giveaway: Aromatherapaes

As I went through my “green” stage, I was on the look out for natural beauty products. Believe me, there are so many out there, but sometimes they just straight out don’t work. And the ones that do work are very expensive. If you feel the same way, then you are going to really like Aromatherapaes.

Aromatherapaes is a certified natural line of aromatherapeutic bath, body, and skincare products. The combine the most beneficial essential oils with the safest, natural ingredients.

Some of the essential oils they use are bergamot, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavendar, neroli, orange, and peppermint…to name a few.

I tried the Refreshing Moisture Lotion in Sweet Orange & Vanilla, Nourishing Moisture Body Wash in Sweet Orange & Vanilla, and the Refreshing Moisture All-Over Balm in Sweet Orange & Vanilla. I’m kind of in love with the All-Over Balm. I use it on my elbows and feet. Because you know how our feet get during the summer wearing nothing but sandals.

First of all, they smell incredibly good. And just knowing the company is cruelty-free makes me very happy. They don’t use sulfates, parabens, phthalate or formaldehyde donors, or ethoxylated ingredients (all the bad stuff).

Do you want to try it out for yourself? I have few travel size products for you.

Leave a comment below, telling me why you use all-natural products.

Rules: must be 18 years-or-older, your information has to be correct, only one entry per person, and you must claim your prize within 24 hours, winner will be chosen via, and giveaway ends 8/22/11 12pm PST.


  • Laura A. Gutierrez

    I go green as much as I can and have changed many things . Teaching my family to do the same has been a fun experience. I love beauty products especially when they are natural. love these product!

  • Leni

    I use them when they are on sale or if I have a bad reaction to another product.

    GFC Follower

  • Zara Willis

    I go green as much as possible just to do my part. And natural/organic products yield much better results!

  • I’ve become a bit paranoid when it comes to ingredients and there a few I try to stay away from but I haven’t gone on a all-natural phase yet. Aromatherapaes sounds pretty good!

  • I got skin cancer at the age of 23 and decided that I needed to make a change within my body. So I have started going green and eating raw and green foods. I can feel a change within my body and it feels great! I am always looking for great natural/organic products.

  • Patricia

    All natural products means no harsh chemicals. I mean who wants to put that on their skin anyway. I try to go natural as possible. It will be good for me and the environment in the log run!

  • Gina Davis

    I have been hunting for more and more green, healthy products. I’ve been looking to go green not only in what I eat, what I wash with, even in my beauty products. I really love exotic and unusually combinations of scents, so I look forward to trying the samples.

  • More and more I’m using natural products. I don’t have to worry about strange reactions on my skin. And I like being able to read and understand the ingredients list!

  • Lyudmila

    I like to try all new products. I would to do it if I won in giveaway! I have not good skin because I hope to make it better! I prefer the natural products because they are not allergenic.