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Hi Ivory,

I have a blue & white tye dye dress that I want to wear on a brunch cruise,
but I’m style challenged on what accessories would look good.

Please help!!!!


I love yellow and blue together, so perhaps a yellow clutch? Silver bangles (tons of them; Ashley Stewart carries some really cute ones), large hoops and a chunky ring. I would prefer nude sandals with a heel or you can do wedges. Have fun!


Hello Ivory,

I work in a professional environment where flip flops, jeans (other than Friday), tank tops, etc. are not appropriate. I consider myself someone that dresses with “flare” and would love to dress professionally in a way that flatters my shape while still adding some punch to make me stand out. What would you recommend I do to achieve this?


I also work in a professional environment and I understand where you’re coming from. My lifesaver at work has been dresses, dresses and more dresses (esp in this heat). I pretty much wear dresses for work all year long. I tend to look for more conservative styles that I can add a belt and printed shoes with. I also LOVE pencil skirts; I love showing off my hips and pencil skirts are perfect for this. I struggle in finding blazers to pair with said pencil skirts; however a cardigan is a good substitute while I search. Show off that waist! I have about 50 belts that I pair with almost everything. Belts are a great way to change up an ordinary outfit and to add a bit of a punch. Also, don’t be afraid of color! I wear yellow, red, cobalt blue to work on a regular basis and manage to still remain professional. In the winter, I add a pair of printed/textured tights to my dresses/skirts. It’s a bit unexpected and fun.


Hey Ivory,

I was wondering how do you find fashion in a fashionless state and affordable. I stay in Arizona and there is hardly any fashion out here and stuff online is really expensive. If you could help me that would be great. Please and thank you.


I think the most important thing is to establish your style/what you like to wear. This makes shopping sooo much easier. My best suggestion would be to keep an open mind and shop in places where you think may have nothing for you. Thrifting as super economical, but can be frustrating if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Check you your local Salvation Army/Goodwill; I have found some gems in there. Secondly, what do you consider to be expensive? If you find an item you love, you will get much more wear out of it than you would with something you just “like”. Many websites have clearance sales going on now, i.e Asos (and they have free shipping!). Ebay is a great option, especially if you know your body well and what will/will not fit.


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