Why Size Discrimination?

I’m VERY irritated with this so-called fashion industry, fashion scene, or fashion whatever. As a designer, you have the right to create whatever you like, in any size, and for any person. There are no boundaries to what you design or envision to be fashion. You can be as brave and bold or as simple as you want. There is an infinite amount of freedom to express who you are in your designs.

With all of this freedom and creativity floating around, I am confused as to why size discrimination is so prominent in the fashion industry? Why do they hate us fat girls? Why so many excuses? It’s really starting to sound like a broken record around here.

Yes, I’m a fat blogger, but I don’t hate skinny girls. Unlike a lot of fat phobic people, I love and appreciate all sizes. That’s my personal decision, I understand you have your own opinion. I just don’t understand why the fashion industry, who encourages setting trends and diversity of art, is so afraid of change. Look at the runway, every other model looks the same.

Where did all that creativity and braveness suddenly go? The reality is, female bodies and shapes are changing.

Size discrimination, doesn’t just end with straight sizes either. The plus size fashion world is guilty of this too. I know I’ve said it a million times and I even have my petition going, but PLEASE start using a diverse mix of models. You can talk about “numbers and stats” all you want, but the truth is we are all different shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnicities. We, your consumers, don’t look the same. We don’t have the same bodies and what fits a size 14 model won’t fit me, a size 18, the same way. I have cellulite, rolls, and I’m not airbrushed.

Listen fashion industry, stop trying to sell me a “fantasy” and telling me who you think I should look like. I’m fat, I love fashion, I have money, and I need clothes to wear. I’ve accepted my body, why can’t you?

AboutCurves, a plus size lingerie company, feels the same. From August 8-28th, 2011, they are hosting a “Lingerie Loves Your Curves” charity event to help bring awareness to issues of size and self acceptance. With our help, they hope to raise money for The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance. The NAAFA lobbies to end size discrimination through advocacy, public education, and support.

Support About Curves Plus Size Lingerie Donation Drive

Curves and Chaos is proud to join this campaign. As you can tell I’m a little passionate about it. LOL. I’d love  for you to be involved as well. Click the ad above to see how you can help fight size discrimination and learn all about body acceptance.

In the meantime…

Watch this short film featuring the always beautiful Fluvia Lacerda. I just fell more in love with her!!

  • If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie)

    I shall join!!

  • Luna Raven

    Nail on the head, right here: "I'm fat, I love fashion, I have money, and I need clothes to wear. I've accepted my body, why can't you?"

    Our money is green too! And I for one am tired of being offered clothes that hide my assests, come in ugly muted colors and make me look like someone's grandma.

    Thanks for fighting the good fight!

  • Trisha

    I'd like to see some nice, current clothing for petite plus sized people as well. We have a unique set of problems that far too few people even attempt to address. Thank goodness I can sew. I finally got a dress form, padded it to make it "me," and I'm learning to alter and make my own patterns so my clothes fit. It's time for this to take a different path; a more positive, accepting path.

  • Haute CurVture

    As a plus size woman, I cannot agree with you more. However, their is a two-fold to this. First and foremost I am plus size woman, second & third I am a designer and a retailer. As a plus size woman I often wondered why they never showed plus size women in plus size clothing, but would have the plus size listed in their offerings, thinking to myself…it would be nice just to see what someone around my purchase.
    At that moment, I knew that I wanted to showcase plus size women being beautiful and elegant. So I began to make and sell plus size after 5, evening, and bridal wear strictly for plus size women 14-26 for over 6 years as BridalBlingInc(which had done exceptionally well and was able to reach more customers worldwide). However when I decided to go mainstream in Sept 2010, come from behind the sewing machine and the computer to embrace the everyday around my block plus-sized customers, as a retailer I struggled. I found more customers of smaller sizes wanted my apparel NOW. Whereas, those of the plus-size community did not, and if they did, they wanted to give a $20 bill and get change back.
    So as a retailer in order to pay your bills you have to go where the customers are. I have done countless photo shoots, fashions shows, events, all with plus size women. Instead of feeling embraced with what I had to offer, I have learned the ugly side of it called "cliques", with the exception of "CURVES AND CHAOS (lovely,lovely lovely she is).
    The ugly side is this: many plus size women have just as bad or even worst attitudes, than what we call "skinny B!tc#e$". I love designing, I embrace my curves, but as a retailer I cannot allow my business to be dictated as to who I need to put in my photos in order make a statement. I am paying attention to the market and Lane Bryant photos plus size women in their clothing, so my question is, "Why have they closed 50 stores due to loss in revenue, Why has Ashley Stewart parent company filed bankruptcy, and Torrid's Parent company Hot Topic is just inches away? My final thought as a designer & retailer, at the end of the day I have learned I am not ever going to discriminate against size. If she is a size 4 with 46 inch hips or a 22 with 40 inch hips, the color or the creed.
    P.S. I welcome any follow up comments, this is not an angry comment
    XOXO to all women because curves come in all shapes, sizes and height 🙂

  • Michelle of Chellbellz

    I think this everytime i go on forever 21's site. They have the plus sized collection but all the women look like they are probably a size 10 for the most part, and I'm thinking okay i have breast and hips…how is this going to look on me if i order it online? I don't know what some of the plus size clothing companies don't make the fun stuff for us either. I have to go somewhere like Asos just to get a cute outfit, and then there is a chance that someone will have the same thing as me since it's not many stores out here that cater to us curvy women. Its sad. You wrote a beautiful article.


    Haute CurVture

    I think i totally understand where you are coming from as well.

  • Haute CurVture

    Thank you Michelle! I want to cater to all categories of fashion for plus size women, however once again when you bring up the 21 day wear clothing its just that. As a designer, you want to have the best quality of fabric, I want you to wear what I would wear…I don't buy cheap clothing so why would I make cheap clothing? However I do see alot of companies that sell plus size clothing and over charge for a style and they are using cheap fabric… It saddens me when I feel we as plus size women are being raped financially to look good! Talk 2 me somebody:)

    P.S. If I don't make my clothing, I shop Macys, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales off the rack I collect my coupons and stay abreast to the discounts by mail, email, and the newspaper. Cute stuff, quality, and I know everybody wont have it on!

    Haute CurVture

  • Thick Threads

    I couldnt agree more! and it really is sounding like a broken record! i dont understand all the negativity either! and the worst part is that some fat women also feel like it is okay to be discriminated and to cover up their "problem areas" because some shapes are better than others! which really needs to stop! we gotta start appreciating every shape in every size! there shouldnt be a "ideal shape". Great article here! i am lovin this!


  • Jennifer aka. Jasifer

    AMEN! Right on! Love this post, and I couldn't agree more about what you're saying, also, the video is amazing, thanks for sharing it. <3

  • Aurelia Flores

    Monique, great post, and so right on target. You said it well when asking, "where did all that braveness and creativity go?" We all have different body types, different needs, different looks, etc., and the fashion industry has been slow to catch up. Fantastic message (and wonderful video)!

  • Presley’s Pantry

    Monique…. Fashion is in the eye of the beholder. I agree with you any person of any size should be able to express themselves in a fashionable way. I go into many shops and walk out disappointed that nothing fit or they didn't have my size. I love when I find something that flatters my curves and makes my mood shine. Great post!

  • Monique

    Thank you for all the amazing comments and support! xoxo