Top 5 List: Plus Size Fashion Pet Peeves

Can I have a moment for a curvy/fat/chubby/plus sized fashion rant? These are my top 5 pet peeves when it comes to clothing made for women of my size.

  1. Please for the love of chubby thighs, can you figure out a way to make the inside of  your pants/trousers more durable. Hello? I have thighs that rub together and that causes friction, which causes wear on the inside of the thigh. 
  2. Cap sleeves on blouses are NOT my friend. Is it just me or does it look like my sleeves are shrinking? Either make it completely sleeveless or with a normal sleeve and I will buy it. 
  3. I know I’m fat, you don’t have to remind me by making my clothes a lot more expensive than straight size clothes. Because you use “extra” material to make my dress. That my friend is called price discrimination.
  4. All of our breasts are not made equally. I may have a large chest, but Sally down the street doesn’t. Now she can’t buy your blouse because it’s way too big. 
  5. Height does matter. Don’t forget there are tall and petite curvy women who want trendy fashion too. Not everyone is 5’7.
There! I feel much better. Now, let’s hope they are listening. Or I’ll just start making my own clothes.
What’s your plus size fashion pet peeve? 

  • If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie)

    AMEN MO!!

  • Helen

    I'm a swedish blogreader and I just wanted to add an AMEN on this post! Be happy you don't live in sweden, the plussize fashion here is so limiting that its purely depressing..
    Have a great day
    /Love Helen

  • JazmineKariss

    1 3 & 4 definitely!
    preach sista.

  • Cid Style File

    Umm yeah been thinking about just making my own clothes for years! I may just have to actually start doing it!! LOL

  • Carleen

    Amen Sister!!!

  • beatrice

    Number 5!!! As a short woman, I can't tell you how frustrating it is to try on a tee shirt to only have it come down to my knees.

  • lcarden

    2 and 5 are my pet peeves. Everything is cap
    sleeves (as you stated) or sleeveless, I can't
    wear either. I'm 5'4", can't wear petite and
    everything else is too long. lol

  • Cathy Benavides

    I couldn't agree more!! How do we get this to the plus-size fashion powers that be????

  • Anonymous

    Ventilation. I would like for manufacturers and retailers who provide underclothes for the plus sized market to understand that not all of us are blessed with chests the size of a babies heads!

  • Anonymous

    2 is my biggest pet peeve. I also wish that mainstream plus sized stores (the ones you find in the mall) would start selling bras with bigger band sizes.

  • feastfulife

    well said, 1 & 3 for me.

  • Couture For Curves

    1,2,3 and 5 for me! And fab post!

  • rubenesquesmoothie

    I hate "plus size" tights that are only longer, instead of wider. Being plus size does not mean that my thighs are that long!

    I also hate extra padding in my bras. I wear a DD, do you really think I need that extra padding in there?

  • Even when I was smaller the thigh thing was an issue…

    And amen to pads in the bras, anyone over a C cup really doesn’t need them or necessarily want them. They just make our breasts pop out and look bumpy.

    And why is 14 plus size… it seems to me that 12 and 14 are actually average sizes. 😉