Shoe Fever: Dolce Vita

If you read this blog, then you know my love for shoes…especially Dolce Vita. Say hello to Rosetta, Dahlia, Briar, and Jemma. Aren’t they beauties? As I get ready for fall, I can’t help but think ahead and start looking for new shoes. I don’t normally buy suede, for many reasons, but these are true inspiration aren’t they? I will take one of each please. Now, if only the Shoe Gods will listen…


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  • Alexandra

    Ohh Dolce Vita. I've been wearing the hell out of two pairs of Target brand Pela knock-offs all summer, and I can't wait til I am actually a full-time working woman and can afford the real deal. Haha.

  • wait until the sunset

    OOOHHH!! So gorgeous! The red ones are winking at me 'buy me, buuuuuyyyyy meeeeee!!' 🙂

  • If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie)

    The nudes are amazing!!

  • These shoes are fabulous. I like the nude ones the best.


  • Love the blue ones!