Custom Plus is Customizable for You

I got this “Confidently Curvy” undies by Custom Plus at Full Figure Fashion Week. When I wear them, I feel super sexy and sassy. I can’t help it.

Custom Plus is a “custom apparel site, which caters exclusively to the plus size consumer.” That means you can design your own pair of undies, tank top, t-shirt, or tote bag with your own design or choose one of theirs. And the best part is, they offer sizes 0-32!

It’s not just for women either. They carry men, youth, babies, toddlers, and apparel for dogs. Yes, dogs…Fluffy gets a t-shirt. Their customizing tool is super easy to use too. I love this idea and can’t wait to order from them!

Disclosure: This item was part of a complimentary gift bag. This is NOT a paid post. The above is my true and honest opinion.