FFFWeek: The Pulse of the Plus Size Community Panel

If there is one thing I will take away from Full Figured Fashion Week, it has to be what I learned about our community. As part of The Fashion Front, we were involved in a lot of activities, but The Pulse of the Plus Size Community Panel was my favorite.

The panel consisted of Jill Hutchison of Sonsi, Katheryn Finney The Budget Fashionista, Madeline Figueroa-Jones of Plus Model Magazine, Jennene Biggins the Founder and CEO Voluptuous Woman Company, Leslie Medlik of Redress, and was moderated by Comedian Erica Watson.

We discussed so many things, but really focused on what our issues and needs are as a community, how we should support each other to succeed, price discrimination, availability of fashion, and the fashion industry.

The audience asked so many great questions! I was really honored to be in that room with so many amazing women and men. In fact, you’ve all inspired me so much, that I’ve decided to start a petition asking plus size retailers to use a wider variety of models in their ads. I think it really starts with them. You can sign the petition here or click on the widget on the side bar for more information. I would also encourage you to share it with your Facebook or Twitter friends.

At the end of the panel, I decided to take a few pics of the fashionable ladies in the room. If you’re wondering, I’m wearing a print smocked tank top courtesy off Lane Bryant, wide leg jeans courtesy of City Chic, and bracelets and sandals from Avenue.

Disclosure: I’m a member of The Fashion Front, which allowed me complimentary access into all events. Some items of my outfit were sponsored. The above is my true and honest opinion. 

  • If Curves Could Talk (Stefanie)

    The outfit is HOT and so is yours!! I love these posts….

  • safire

    Everyone looks so well dressed! Thanks for sharing. This is such a great post!

  • The Notorious ZAG

    Thank you for sharing, I wish I could've been there. Everyone looks great, and in great spirits! I'm going off to sign that petition now. 🙂

  • Shanicexoxo.info

    Everyone looked great!


  • Moe

    It is great to be able to see everyone, thanks for going and for sharing the events.

  • Adrienne

    Your pics and coverage of FFW have been my fave so far of all the bloggers posting! I couldn't be there so this is certainly the next best thing 🙂

    Looks like you had a blast!