YOU by crocs™ were made for ME!

Say hello to Mimilita, courtesy of YOU by crocs™. She’s my new BFF. Wait, can a shoe be a BFF? Well, if it couldn’t before, it is now. I want to wear these cork platform wedges all of the time. These are hands down,   “the” most comfortable wedges I have ever worn. It seriously feels like I’m walking on cushions. And not only are they comfy, they are cute! YOU by crocs™ has really outdone themselves. The straps are so soft and they are easy to buckle. Don’t worry about paying an arm and a leg either. These shoes are currently on sale for $49.99! I am now eyeing the Lauralou style and I can’t wait for their fall line!

Disclosure: These shoes were gifted by You by crocs. The above is my true and honest opinion. 


    These are actually pretty cute!

  • shanice wynter

    wow.. those are cute!

  • Cutelildreamer

    Super duper cute!

  • Nique

    These shoes look super comfortable. Very nice!


  • Cynthia

    So I got these previous to winning the sandal giveaway here…and I loved them…and I'm a little salty they are on sale now…but I digress because they are great and have a weird, but nonetheless welcommed, slimming effect on my cankles ( i have come to terms ..that is what they are..I take pity comments if you have them). Anyways I got chose the Lauralou for my grand prize…and I'm uber excited to put them on…crossing my fingers they are as comfy.


  • Mirna

    They are so cute, I don't like the original model.
    I just bought mine, thanks to you. Look all the discount codes available:

  • LOCA

    Monique Girl!

    I tagged you because I want to know, WHAT'S IN YOUR BAG?