Tracy & City Chic on the Latin Billboard Award’s Red Carpet

Guest post written by Tracy López of

I was invited to the Latin Billboard Awards and red carpet, courtesy of Telemundo. One of my first thoughts after receiving the invitation, (after, “OMG! I could meet Espinoza Paz or Pitbull!”) – was, “What in the world am I going to wear?!”

A smart friend recommended I contact Monique for advice and Monique did me one better – she hooked me up with They asked me to pick a dress, so after consulting about a dozen friends about three different dresses I liked on their website, the choice was obvious. Overwhelmingly my friends said the Ruffle Victoria Dress with black skirt and fuchsia top would compliment me best based on my body type, coloring and the type of event.

The first one I received didn’t fit and I almost panicked, but Monique calmed me down and had City Chic send two more sizes, which they sent right away. The dresses arrived in time and thankfully one of them fit well.  I had the top part taken in a little around the bust to reduce cleavage and to hold me more snuggly – but it would have been fine without the adjustment.

This particular dress seems to run small – so you may want to order a size or two larger than you think you should. Part of this is because the silky skirt fabric is kind of unforgiving and you don’t want it too tight if that’s a problem area for you. The top of the dress is absolutely gorgeous – from the almost hot pink color to what I call an “artichoke leaf” texture.

If your décolletage, shoulders and back are something you like to show off – this dress is definitely for you. I loved how much skin it showed up top so much that I didn’t wear a necklace so I could keep it open visually. Everyone complimented the design and color of this dress and I felt comfortable in it. The top part holds you in and up which gives the appearance of a good figure.

Accessories: I paired my dress with a black scarf I already owned to cover my upper arms and to take it from fun party dress to something a little more elegant. Shoes: A classic pair of black pumps or simple strappy kitten heels would work perfectly. Don’t try to wear this with footwear that is too complicated visually because it distracts from the dress. The bag: A simple black clutch. Jewelry: Again, I tried to keep it simple to make it more elegant. I used some small “diamond” earrings and a matching ring. Hair: This could work with hair down or up. I pulled mine back and slicked down the front.

One Last Tip: Make sure you have an assistant when you’re getting dressed – you’ll need someone to help zip you into it.

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Author bio: Tracy López is a writer living outside the D.C. Metro area. Her blog,, examines cultural differences she discovers as she navigates life in a bicultural, bilingual family. She can also be reached via Twitter @Latinaish.

Disclosure: City Chic provided the dress for review. The above is the author’s opinion.

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