Pretty Cardigan in Pretty Peach

This may surprise you, but I used to hate wearing bright colors. OK, you might have heard me say that before. But, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’m still on the fence about bright colors, but one of my shopping partners in crime is slowly getting me out of my “dark clothes comfort zone.” On a side note…I just went back and took a look at my old outfit post and I wore a lot of grey and black! Today, you are my witness as I vow to start wearing more color!! Yes, you heard it here first.

Thanks to for this Modern Fit Cardigan Sweater in pretty peach. I’ve had it in my closet for a few weeks; and because of L.A.’s recent cool weather I decided to wear it. The thing I love most about cardigans like this is that they never go out of style and can be worn so many ways. I know this is a very casual outfit, but I wanted to be comfy. So, I wore a basic Old Navy tank underneath, my City Chic jeans, Forever 21 jewelery, and these pewter gladiator sandals from Avenue. I know they look a little strange, but that’s what I love about them. I’m slowly coming out of my comfort zone, one bright color at a time.

Disclosure: Although, the cardigan was gifted, the above is my true and honest opinion.

  • JazmineKariss

    I really love that cardigan, the color is so pretty!
    And I knowww what you mean, I've been in a black/gray/navy slump for the longest time and im trying to get out of it for spring and summer! but I still have a tendency to go for the nude and rose colors lol:)

  • Monique

    I know!! It's so hard to break a habit like that. LOL

  • safire

    This color is gorgeous on you! My wardrobe was literally black for a few years because I thought it was flattering or I thought I was a wanna-be Angeline Jolie.

    I've recently (in the last 1-2 years) started adding colors, and prints to my wardrobe and I love it!

  • Giulia Sulis

    Beautiful blog!!!

  • Maria Alamillo de Ramirez

    Girl, you are working that peach cardigan! Keep those colors coming. I too, am in a slowww transition of having an all black wardrobe.