Jeffrey Campbell has my Attention

Tonight, I went out to dinner with my hubby, brother, and cousin. We headed out to Santa Monica Promenade, where I used to work, and after dinner we visited a shoe store. That’s where I fell in love with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedges. Of course, I’ve known about Jeffrey Campbell, but his styles never really caught my eye…until tonight. I went online and found a few pairs that I wouldn’t mind owning. I definitely need to start a Jeffrey Campbell fund.

  • THE 78′ MS. J

    I've had my eye on JC for a minute myself my problem is I don't want to invest in his shoes if they aren't wide width friendly.

  • Monique

    Good point! Can anyone here answer that?

  • safire

    These shoes are amazing! They also look comfortable because the front has height too. It looks like it's a supportive shoe because the front end of the shoe has flat support before arching into the heel 🙂

  • safire

    I love these shoes! Thanks so much for sharing. It looks comfortable because of the platform in the front!

    Have a GREAT weekend 🙂 I think I posted yesterday but I just had to comment again for these wonderful shoes!


    I can't get enough of JC. I have 3 pairs now. His wedges are my fave and they are super comfy to boot! Kiah

  • Nique

    I totally agree. When I first saw Jeffrey Campbell designs I was a bit thrown off. No doubt they are very unique. I like things that are "different". After awhile the JC collection started to grow on me and now I can't get enough. I wish I could afford a pair because I'll definitely rock them.


  • Anonymous

    just got my second pair! best shoe ever! I dont think I can wear anything but jc now. SO worth it!!