Individually Fashionable

If there’s one thing I love about all my fashionista friends it’s their individuality. Fashion to them isn’t just about getting dressed for the day, it’s about expressing who they are. Besides, long gone are the days of the old fashion faux pas. When was the last time you matched your shoes to your handbag?

Today, trends like mixing prints and color blocking prove that it’s OK to be fashionably different. Although, there are some trends I wouldn’t wear, I applaud those who have what it takes to pull it off. This makes my friends individually fashionable.

And if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know I’m slowly trying to come out of my fashion comfort zone. Baby steps! I can only do that with the friends I have. You know who you are! They continue to inspire me with their style and are honest with me when I need their opinion. This gives me the confidence I need to be a little more daring.

Keep it up gutsy fashionistas! You continue to inspire fashion lovers like me.

Who inspires you to be individually fashionable?