Chiffon is Chic!

It’s about to get real classy up in here…make room for chiffon ladies. Chiffon is that material that was usually saved for special occassion dresses. Not anymore. I have seen this trend every where. And I really think any age or size can wear it in almost any color. There are so many different styles and it’s used different ways. Personally, I love when it’s used on the sleeves. Just so you know, I am literally lusting after #4 from Dorothy Perkins and if someone buys it before I do…I just might scream.

Which chiffon piece below caught your eye? 

1. Dorothy Perkins 2. Ruche 3. Lane Bryant 4. Dorothy Perkins 5. Forever 21 6. Torrid 7. Style369 8. Style369 9. Style369 10. Dorothy Perkins 11. Forever 21 12. Wet Seal 13. Ruche

  • safire

    I would buy every single clothing item pictured in this post. LOVELY!

  • Cutelildreamer

    LOVE Chiffon!

  • Cynthia

    Absolutely love 3 and 4….now to wait for a sale.

  • Thick Threads

    I am deffinitely all about it. Love this stuff absolutely love number 4 and 5. dont worry though i wont buy it before you. im pretty sure of it 😀


  • Meghan

    WOW!! Love #8!!!!!

  • KC

    My favorite is #8, because I love color. Chiffon is soft and flowy, which gives it great drape (can you tell I watch Project Runway?!). That also makes it great for lingerie- check out Sweet Temptation Babydoll Set ( for beautiful color and a soft chiffon skirt!

  • Monique

    Aren't they all so chic? I really do want them ALL!

  • Chic in Every City

    what a fun way to make spring more colorful!!