Beauty Buzz: Gillette’s Venus Spa Breeze Razor

I’m going to make this beauty review short and sweet. I am in love with the Gillette Venus Spa Breeze razor. Seriously, I’ve been shaving my legs since I was a pre-teen and I have never had such a close shave. It’s pretty awesome for someone like me with coarse hair. Is that T.M.I.? Well, whatever it’s true.

Do you know what else I love about the Spa Breeze? It’s the fact that you will never need shaving gel again. Because, there’s a shave gel bar affixed to the top of the razor. And it really does smell good with it’s white tea scent.

Looks like I’ve found my new razor. The price really is reasonable and so are the catridge refills. That’ something that’s been driving me crazy lately. When did razors get so expensive?  
Disclosure: This item was gifted to me by P&G. The above is my true and honest opinion. 

  • Cutelildreamer

    I may need to go pick this up!

  • G

    I started off thinking the same thing, but the built in gel wears off the razor really quickly, like literally, and then I have to throw out the blades sooner than I usually would, because the crummy plastic that's left after the gel melts away hurts my legs! Hope it works out better for you, and the smell really is yummy

  • Red

    I've been using the Breeze razors for YEARS now, I love them! I don't store them in the shower – when I'm done with them I set them somewhere they can dry thoroughly & then when it's not in use it's on a shelf in the bathroom rather than in the shower. I've found it helps the gel last longer – if you keep it in the shower 24/7 it stays wet and the gel just sort of melts off right away.